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There is something mysterious about the male-female relationship, which perhaps has been insufficiently researched by science. There are Biblical reasons behind God's establishment of marriage (i.e., one male and one female human being). I personally feel it relates to Genesis 1:27 which describes men and women as being created in the image of God: "Male and female he created them". In my own religion, God is seen as the harmonious union of male and female qualities; note, I am not pushing this POV here but mentioning it in passing as one of many theological viewpoints. Thus, an intimate relationship between a man and a woman creates a union of "one flesh" which is a beautiful reflection of God's own male-female inner harmony. (Again, this is probably a minority viewpoint.)

But God created all living things above the level of bacteria to procreate via male-female relationships; this is mirrored even in many plants which have stamen and pistil; and by the way, it's an expression of romantic love to give flowers. If God created all the animals to reproduce via male-female relationships, this might be a clue or hint that His highest creation, human beings, should follow this pattern.

Reproduction and love go together. A female bird feeds her hatchlings in self-sacrificial way, due to an instinct which looks remarkably like motherly love. The theory of evolution cannot explain how this instinct arose; the argument that it sustains the species bypasses the question. But don't get me started on how evolution advocates confuse survival of the fittest with origin of species.

The mysterious romantic male-female form of love would appear to be God-given. And God loves us as a heavenly Parent, having only the deepest desire for our benefit and happiness. He therefore has mandated only the most wonderful and joyful ideas for the conduct of our daily lives. He knows that male-female marriage is the best way to ensure not only our individual happiness, but the happiness of families and nations.

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