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Top Conservatives on Twitter or #tcot is a reference to the numerous conservative proponents who have a large following on the online social networking service Twitter and are sometimes attempted to be addressed by others by the hashtag #tcot. Below is a list of some of the conservatives who have a large Twitter following and might be considered top conservatives on Twitter.

This list is an attempt to inform the admins and other interested editors on Conservapedia about conservatives who are influencing the conversation on Twitter.

As of December 30, 2017:

President Donald J. Trump, 45,460,000 followers
Sean Hannity, 3,207,000 followers
Sarah Sanders, 2,773,810 followers [three accounts]
Dr. Ben & Candy Carson, 2,709,000 followers
Michelle Malkin, 2,166,000 followers

Kellyanne Conway, 1,968,000 followers
Laura Ingraham, 1,935,000 followers
Ann Coulter, 1,831,000 followers
Sarah Palin, 1,484,000 followers
Tucker Carlson, 1,420,000 followers

Franklin Graham, 1,311,000 followers
Mark Levin, 1,032,000 followers
Sher. David Clarke, 979,000 followers
Nikki Haley, 925,000 followers
Rush Limbaugh, 904,200 followers [inactive, two accounts]

Judge Jeanine Pirro, 903,000 followers
Dr. Charles Krauthammer, 874,000 followers [inactive]
Allen West, 734,000 followers
Dinesh D'Souza, 718,000 followers
Steven Crowder, 505,000 followers

Andrea Tantaros, 502,000 followers [inactive]
Herman Cain, 494,000 followers
Diamond and Silk, 479,000 followers
Scott Walker, 475,000 followers (two accounts)
Monica Crowley, 470,000 followers

Katie Pavlich, 464,900 followers
Dan Scavino, Jr., 461,000 followers
Sean Spicer, 396,000 followers
Katrina Pierson, 366,800 followers
James O'Keefe, 356,839 followers

Gov. Greg Abbott, 356,727 followers (two accounts)
Linda Suhler, Ph.D., 349,000 followers
Sen. Tim Scott, 340,642 followers (two accounts)
Chuck Woolery, 333,000 followers
Corey R. Lewandowsky, 317,000 followers

Bill Mitchell, 312,000 followers
Rick Santorum, 299,000 followers
Mark Dice, 298,300 followers
Wayne Dupree, 286,100 followers
Charlie Kirk, 271,002 followers

Michele Bachmann, 269,000 followers [inactive]
ChristieC733, 267,512 followers
Gov. Bobby Jindal, 259,034 followers
ChristiChat, 258,700 followers
John Bolton, 256,200 followers

Steph93065, 234,800 followers
Jim DeMint, 231,900 followers
David Limbaugh, 227,700 followers
Byron York, 225,200 followers
Dick Morris 210,100 followers

LindaPJ, 209,200 followers
Charles V. Payne, 203,800 followers
Mark Steyn, 199,100 followers
Larry Kudlow, 181,700 followers
Janie Johnson, 172,600 followers

Pamela Geller, 172,000 followers
Hannah K, 169,200 followers
Feisty☀Floridian, 168,400 followers
Peggy Noonan, 165,100 followers
Melissa Francis, 164,600 followers

Hugh Hewitt, 161,100 followers
John Nolte, 150,845 followers
Liz Wheeler, 140,556 followers
Judy Stines, 138,677 followers (two accounts)
Tim Young, 137,800 followers

Dennis Prager, 136,300 followers
Kurt Schlichter, 134,700 following
Michael Savage, 135,000 followers
Joe Walsh, 128,400 followers
Jessie Jane Duff, 127,100 followers

Buck Sexton, 124,800 followers
Asa M. Julian, 111,200 followers
Mark Pantano, 109,200 followers
Kayleigh McEnany, 108,000 followers
Brittany Pettibone, 107,400 followers

Nick Short, 103,200 followers
Sher. Joe Arpaio, 100,400 followers
RockPrincess, 99,600 followers
Todd Starnes, 91,000 followers
Paul Nehlen, 87,917 followers

Brent Bozell, 87,049 followers
Jim Hoft, 86,837 followers
Sean Davis, 84,864 followers
Roy Moore, 83,167 followers
Lynne Patton, 81,858 followers

Fred Barnes, 80,021 followers [inactive]
BraveHeart, 77,749 followers
Deneen Borelli, 77,614 followers
Alana Mastrangelo, 78,955 followers
Michael Reagan, 72,628 followers

Jack Burton, 70,241 followers
Alex (@SoCal4Trump), 69,899 followers
Eric Metaxas, 66,989 followers
Hale Razor, 65,420 followers
Rep. Liz Cheney, 62,459 followers

Kelly South, 60,150 followers
Cameron Gray, 57,664 followers
Gov. Jan Brewer, 56,007 followers

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