Essay:Towards a multi-racial society

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America was founded by white men. United by a vision of attaining freedom from tyranny, the Founding Fathers risked everything to defy the British crown and build a representative democracy. Most of the founders wanted to end slavery from the beginning, but they took an eight decade detour to ensure the participation of Virginia. Unity was the top priority.

Slavery tore this country apart, and only a miracle held it together during the great Civil War. For that, we are profoundly thankful. God has blessed this land, and crowned its good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. Coming out of the depression, America began coming together as a nation of all colors during World War II. Race segregation was declared unconstitutional in schools; President Kennedy and his brother supported the Civil Rights Movement. Traditional sports such as baseball and even ice hockey began to have black players. A man of color became the nation's greatest golfer.

Even some of the highest seats of power have been given to men and women of color. President Clinton appointed a black man to his cabinet. President Bush appointed Powell and Rice. And now we have elected our first black president, Barack Obama.