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Starting with the infamous "Rural purge" of the early-1970s (when CBS cancelled most of its Western dramas and all of its rural/family-themed sitcoms and variety shows in favor of "socially relevant" urban-themed programs) and increasingly into the present, liberal-leaning television series creators, producers, and writers have put shows on the air that appeal more to their own personal viewpoints than to the tastes of most of the general public. As a result, in part due to the increase in TV channels since that period, many currently airing series have undergone decreases in viewership and the declining ratings that go with them. To liberals in the media, however, declining TV ratings and unsatisfied audiences mean less to them than pushing liberal ideology (including positively playing up socialism, witchcraft, feminism, and the homosexual agenda while denigrating religion, the family, and traditional values) and forcing public acceptance of it does. Shown below is a list of some of the worst liberal TV series, past and present.

Live Action Programs

Title Original run Network TV rating Description
2 Broke Girls 2011-2017 CBS This garbage sitcom glorifies homosexuality and feminism while directly insulting conservative ideals and leaders. It constantly attempts to push the limits of blue jokes, racial stereotypes, and sexual references. One of the series' titular girls—Max Black, a proudly rude, unprofessional, unmotivated, immoral, aggressive, and promiscuous woman with a drug and alcohol problem—is portrayed as a positive role model for modern women (ironically, the actress, Kat Dennings, doesn't even smoke or do drugs and very rarely drinks). Plus, the character Sophie Kachinsky, who is even more immoral and promiscuous, is always given a very loud canned applause upon every one of her entrances in order to indicate her as the show's "most popular" character. The show, which posted 19.37 million viewers at its premiere in 2011, fell to less than a quarter of that number (hitting a low of 4.57 million viewers) by the time of its cancellation in May 2017.
30 Rock 2006-2013 NBC TV 14 What looks like a sitcom about the life of the head writer of a sketch comedy series is really a front for several left-wing agendas, most infamously including a slam against Sarah Palin and routine stereotyping of conservative business executives (as in main character Jack Donnaghy, a tasteless parody of business icon Jack Welch played by liberal Alec Baldwin). Throughout its airing from 2006 to 2013, despite being very popular liberal elites, the series received poor ratings, with its first season ranking only at #102, its subsequent seasons consistently ranking low (the highest-rated season was Season 3 with a ranking of #69 and 3.2 million viewers). Season 6 had such a low performance overall (and a very poorly-received season finale ranking at 1.6 million viewers) that NBC was forced to cancel the show at one more season.
All American Muslim 2011-2012 TLC This reality program essentially censors and whitewashes the true face of Islam, a terroristic and supremacist political ideology masquerading as a "religion", depicting the lives of five Islamic families in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan. The show drew criticism for depicting Islam in a favorable light, despite its reality being far different, and it was cancelled after one season due to low ratings. Controversy also erupted when home improvement retail chain Lowe's withdrew its sponsorship of the show, leading liberal celebrities Russell Simmons, Mia Farrow and Kal Penn, Internet activist group Anonymous and Islamic congressman Keith Ellison and other liberal politicians to call for a boycott of Lowe's and demanded apologies from the chain in response, which led in turn to Lowe's ignoring their demands and other companies joining Lowe's in withdrawing sponsorship of the program, while the threatened boycott itself largely fizzled.
All in the Family 1971–1979 CBS In this American adaptation by liberal TV producer Norman Lear of the BBC series Till Death Us Do Part, Lear inaccurately depicted Archie Bunker, a blue-collar conservative and head of the Bunker family, with liberal traits like bigotry and ignorance while depicting his son-in-law, socially liberal and politically leftist hippie and Democrat supporter Mike Stivic (referred to as "Meathead" by Archie), as the "voice of reason". Many episodes focus on on the political, philosophical, and cultural clashes between Archie and Mike, while Archie's wife Edith and their daughter Gloria try to keep the peace. In the original British series, Mike's counterpart on that show, Mike Rawlins, was a Trotskyist. The American series spawned a sequel, Archie Bunker's Place, which ran from 1979 to 1983.
Anderson Cooper 360° 2003-present CNN The openly homosexual Anderson Cooper hosts this liberally biased news program.
Annoying Orange 2009-2011 YouTube TV-Y7 (should be TV-14) This Internet series promotes lack of effective communication skills via being annoying. The Annoying Orange does nothing but harass other anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables with loads of adult humor and Hollywood values.
Barney and Friends 1992-2008 PBS TV-Y In this "educational" children's television series, a big, purple, anthropomorphic dinosaur named Barney teaches children about environmentalism, multiculturalism, and a bunch of other unimportant issues. The title character also pampers children excessively instead of teaching them how to maturely confront negative emotions and feelings, which is often cited as contributing to the entitlement problem affecting numerous American Millennials, a generation known for its prominent secular liberal population, who grew up watching the show as children.
Becoming Us 2015 ABC Family/Freeform This reality show glamorizes and exploits gender confusion. Two families with fathers claiming to be "women" are highlighted in this series, which debuted at a low-rated 81st place and dropped out of the top 100 shows entirely the following week, eventually finishing the season at less than a third of its already-low debut viewership numbers. The show subsequently ended production and was later removed from Freeform's schedule without fanfare.
The Big Bang Theory 2007-present CBS This sitcom stars a free-spirited beauty and her socially challenged scientist friends but does not demonstrate any family values. Instead, some of the main characters are rooming together without being married. In addition, the key character Sheldon Cooper is one of the most outspoken atheists in sitcom history, which puts him at odds with his devoutly Christian mother Mary as well as his Jewish colleague Howard Wolowitz and Hindu friend Dr. Raj Koothrapali. The show is widely considered to be a rip-off of an earlier sitcom, Friends.[1][2][3]
Bill Nye Saves the World 2017-present Netflix TV-14 Leftist scientist Bill Nye hypnotizes his viewers into pseudo-scientific hucksterism and far-Left views. Though liberal critics praised it, American audiences in general panned it.[4]
Black Jesus 2014-present Adult Swim TV MA Sacrilegious from its title forward, this blasphemous television series focuses on the Messiah, Jesus Christ, living in Compton, California in the modern day. Despite the show's questionable portrayal of Christ and the black community, reviewers claim that the character's method of spreading the Lord's message of love and compassion is present and may actually act as a way to reach the young and rebellious modern audience of today. However, the continued usage of illegal substances on the show may impede that.
Black-ish 2014-present ABC The plots of most episodes usually push liberal ideologies such as gun control, vaccinations, and even abortion. In trying to subvert black racial stereotypes, as the show frequently claims to do, it only furthers the stereotypes.
Bojack Horseman 2014-present Netflix TV-MA In a world of both humans and anthropomorphic animals, a talking horse who is a faded sitcom star and his friends live by Hollywood values, sexual immorality, and drug use. One episode states that women who choose abortion are "heroes". Moreover, the show seems to present bestiality positively because there are interspecies relationships. Another episode of the series disrespects military veterans and implies they are not real heroes.
Brave New Girls 2014 E! (Canada) This Canadian reality series exploits and glorifies gender confusion, featuring gender-confused male model Walter "Jenna" Talackova, who gained infamy for his attempt to become a contestant in the woman-only Miss Universe Canada pageant in 2012 and was initially disqualified after his true gender was discovered (he had lied about who he really was to get in); he got back in after liberal feminist lawyer Gloria Allred got involved on his behalf, but he still failed to make the pageant's final five contestants. Only eight episodes of this series were produced, but the Canadian E! channel has not officially announced that the show has been cancelled.
Bridezillas 2004-2013 WE TV Brides-to-be are encouraged to display their worst behavior in this staged "reality" series. They rant, scream, throw tantrums, and treat their wedding staff, spouse-to-be, family, and friends terribly.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1997-2003 The WB TV-14 This pro-feminist, supernatural-themed series, loosely based on the 1992 comedy horror film of the same name but with a more serious tone than the original movie, depicts homosexual characters as "normal".
Charmed 1998-2006 The WB This disturbing glorification of witchcraft and feminism may be rebooted in 2018.
The Colbert Report 2005-2014 Comedy Central TV 14 Stephen Colbert is a liberal who parodies conservative pundits such as Bill O'Reilly and conservative news shows, such as The O'Reilly Factor. Alcohol use, profanity, and jokes related to intercourse are laden throughout.
Commander in Chief 2005-2006 ABC TV-PG A woman becomes President of the United States in this shallow series that amounts to nothing more than Hillary Clinton propaganda.
Countdown with Keith Olbermann 2003-2011 (MSNBC), 2011-2012 (Current TV) MSNBC, Current TV TV PG Left-wing commentator Keith Olbermann hosts this news program featuring vehement attacks against conservatives.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 1996-2015 Comedy Central TV 14 Jon Stewart insults conservative politicians and media stars much more than his occasional jab at liberal Democrats. A year after he left the show, Stewart turned up as a surprise guest on former costar Stephen Colbert's late-night CBS talk show and made a fool of himself by lambasting the Donald Trump Republican presidential campaign for Trump's stands against illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism as well as his criticisms of Barack Hussein Obama's "presidency" and Hillary Clinton's character.
Degrassi 2001-2015 CTV (Canada)
TeenNick, Netflix (US)
TV 14 This tasteless high school drama portrays drug use, homosexuality, gender confusion, and abortion in a positive light. Previous versions of the Degrassi franchise, The Kids of Degrassi Street (1979–1986), Degrassi Junior High (1987–1989) and Degrassi High (1989–1991) (the latter two of which had similar themes), aired on Canadian network CBC Television.
Doubt 2017 CBS TV-14 This courtroom drama features gender-confused male actor Roderick "Laverne" Cox. It was touted by CBS as the first network primetime drama to feature a gender-confused actor in a starring role in an attempt to push gender confusion on its viewing audience. Because of this, viewers wanted no part of the show, which was cancelled after just two episodes.[5]
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee 2016–present TBS TV MA This offshoot of The Daily Show features dimwitted former correspondent and alleged "comedienne" Samantha Bee, who liberally uses foul language, bigotry, and projection in her frequent, pathetic and unfunny mischaracterizations of conservative politicians, public figures, and the public when they refuse to embrace liberal agendas. Bee often takes to behaving like a middle-aged teenybopper during her reports while slagging those she opposes.
GCB 2012 ABC TV 14 This blasphemous sitcom debases Christianity, as evidenced simply by its provocative title. It was so ill-received by various mainstream Christians that they demanded a boycott of anyone who sponsored the show, which ultimately contributed to its lasting a single season.
Girls 2012-2017 HBO TV MA This strong supporter of feminism and the homosexual agenda has an arc in the second season in which the main character begins to date a young conservative, only to break up with him, reasoning that his views were "immoral". Hollywood values shown include marrying someone on the basis of boredom, having multiple sexual partners, and glamorizing abortion. Creator Lena Dunham, a self-proclaimed feminist, has defended these wrongs in interviews, claiming it is a representation of what it is like to be a woman in her twenties, when really it most certainly isn't.
The Girls Next Door 2005-2010 The Playboy Channel This "reality" series follows the models in the pornographic magazine Playboy, which exploits women.
Good Witch 2015-present Hallmark Channel TV-PG Another show attempting to glorify witchcraft even worse, the daughter also does witchcraft and the show brushes it off like no big deal.
Gotham (Season 3 onward) 2016-present FOX TV-14 Originally a prequel series to comic book legend Batman's superhero career, it unfortunately turned into homosexual propaganda in the third season because two of the main villains, the Penguin and the Riddler, are revealed to be homosexual, even though they were never like that in the comics and the Riddler had previously been depicted as straight in the previous two seasons. To a lesser extent, Barbara Kean is depicted as being bisexual despite not being that in the comics.
Hardball with Chris Matthews 1994-1996; 1997-1999; 1999- (changed stations at 1996 and 1999) Originally America's Talking, later CNBC, later MSNBC Its titular host provides non-stop liberal propaganda, lies and mischaracterization of conservative public figures and members of the public who support them.
Hip Hop Harry 2006-2008 TLC, Discovery Kids, Retro Television Network TV-Y This children's series exposes young minds to mainstream rap and promotes them as "good role models" as the titular character is an anthropomorphic bear who belongs to that culture.
Homeland 2011-2017 Showtime TV-MA The show initially attempts to portray some conflict with whether a returning POW Marine was a hero or a newly-brainwashed terrorist, but by the third season they not only determined terrorist, but made him the hero. It also was anti-American as a result, creating paranoia about America as a result, which leftist critics complimented the show due to "moral ambiguity" (which is really code for "denounce America as a nation).[6]
How I Met Your Mother 2005-2014 CBS This possible Friends ripoff features womanizing, alcoholism, gambling, and fornication without consequence.
The Howard Stern Show First-run syndication TV MA The disgusting "Shock Jock" employs very vulgar and crass discussions and language.
I Am Cait 2015-2016 E! An offshoot of reality television series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, this series exploits and glamorizes gender confusion while indulging Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner in his delusion of pretending to be a "woman". Despite losing half its ratings after its first week due to few people wanting to watch the LGBT agenda being pushed on them, E! announced it would be bringing the show back for a second season. Its viewership, which had been at 2.73 million viewers at its premiere but dropped by more than half after that, fell to less than a fifth of that number (about 480,000 viewers) at one point during its second season, which finished with less than a third of its debut numbers and led to its cancellation on August 3, 2016 (although E! initially publicly denied that the show was cancelled).[7] The cancellation was eventually officially announced by E! on August 16, 2016.[8]
I Am Jazz 2015-present The Learning Channel Another reality series exploiting gender confusion, this one focusing on a teenage boy (real name: Jaron Bloshinsky[9]) who claims to be a "girl" using the name "Jazz Jennings" and has been enabled in that delusion by his parents since the age of five. Like I Am Cait, its ratings plummeted after its debut episode for similar reasons and have remained low, despite the show beginning its third season on June 27, 2017. The third season premiere focused on Bloshinsky's plan to further enable his gender confusion by surgically mutilating himself as soon as possible, while his grandparents resorted to bigotry by calling anyone who opposed gender confusion "rednecks".[10]
Incorporated 2016 SyFy Par for the course of showrunners Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the show has a severe anti-corporation bent and hints at a "global warming" agenda.
Inside Amy Schumer 2013- Comedy Central TV-14 Liberal "comedienne" Amy Schumer (who only is famous because she is a cousin of Democrat Party senator Chuck Schumer) does nothing but smother her liberal agenda onto the show's viewers. Her show is also infamous for stealing jokes from other comedians.[11] Its fifth season has been placed on hiatus.[12]
Jersey Shore 2009-2012 MTV TV 14 This infamously schlocky "reality" TV series revolves around immoral and obscene behavior characteristics of its cast on the shores of New Jersey. Behavior depicted includes obscene dancing, innuendo, public drunkenness, and domestic violence.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 2014-present HBO British "comedian" and former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver hosts this late night talk and news show. Like Samantha Bee on her show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the liberal Oliver engages in bigotry and projection while mischaracterizing and attacking conservatives in the public spotlight and their supporters. Following Donald Trump's winning the U.S. Presidency, he shifted a vast majority of his humor on verbally accosting the POTUS however possible. Talk about disproportionate retribution for a few insignificant and irrelevant mistakes Trump made on the campaign trail.
Looking 2014-2016 HBO TV MA Solely propaganda for the homosexual agenda that lasted only for two seasons.
Lucifer 2016-present FOX TV-14 No, you're not reading that wrong. Hollywood green-lighted a TV series with Satan as not just the main character but the "good guy" too, despite history and the Bible proving otherwise. Then again, it should come as no surprise because the show is based on graphic novels by atheist British author Neil Gaiman, whose works sometimes portray Satan as "good" and God as "evil" in revisionist fashion.
Madam Secretary 2014-present CBS This "political drama" is Hillary Clinton propaganda in disguise.
Marvin Marvin 2012-2013 Nickelodeon TV-Y7 This vulgar series degrades family values, and one of the actors, Lucas Cruikshank, is homosexual.
Mary Tyler Moore 1970-1977 CBS TV-PG This sitcom was produced following the Rural Purge to push the feminist agenda.
The Mick 2017-present FOX This anti-family sitcom stars an irresponsible young woman who takes over the raising of her niece and two nephews after the youths' parents are arrested for tax evasion and fraud. It pushes liberal values such as gender confusion by children (and the mind warping that results from it, as shown in the episode "The New Girl"[13]) and the use of women's washrooms by gender-confused males (also from "The New Girl").
Modern Family 2010-present ABC TV 14 Liberals idolize this sitcom starring three interconnected "families", two of which are dysfunctional (which is passed off as humorous) and the third of which is a male homosexual couple (presented as "normal") with an adopted child. Gloria Pritchett (born Delgado), the Colombian second wife (presumed to be a "trophy wife") of main character Jay Pritchett, sometimes plays into Hispanic racial stereotypes and behaves in a racist manner toward other characters.
The New Normal 2012-2013 NBC This un-Christian series stars a homosexual couple that wants to have a baby, contains many liberal agendas, and portrays the one main conservative of the show from a stereotypically negative liberal viewpoint. One NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City refused to air the show because of its offensive content. Few people watched the show, and it was cancelled after one season, sending the message that almost no one finds liberal agendas or mockery of conservatives and traditional values funny.
The Newsroom 2012-2014 HBO Aaron Sorkin asserts that making the news "moral" means bashing Republicans and airing one-sided opinion pieces masquerading as "news". The series was cancelled barely two years into its airing.
The Oprah Winfrey Show 1986-2011 First-run syndication The host of this daytime talk show frequently asserts her liberal and feminist viewpoints.
Orange is the New Black 2013-present Netflix This decadent show that glamorizes the homosexual agenda and prison life. The main moral, as claimed by series creator Jenji Kohan, is that it is not normal to be straight and follow in the path of Go, and that practicing Christianity will lead to horrible punishments. Additionally, it inadvertently supports abortion, as it is revealed that the Christian "villain" in the show wound up in prison for killing a bunch of abortionists after receiving one. Every woman in prison, with the exception of the villain, is in a lesbian relationship with one of their fellow inmates, including the nun.
Piers Morgan Tonight/Piers Morgan Live 2011–2014 CNN British talk show host and gun control advocate Piers Morgan lectures his guests and his audience on the issues of the day and puts a liberal spin on his viewpoints. After drawing about 2.1 million viewers for his debut episode, viewership for the show fell steadily until reaching only a fraction of its original numbers, with an average low of 81,000 viewers in the age 25-54 demographic for the week of July 30-August 5, 2012.
Pretty Little Liars 2010-2017 ABC Family/Freeform TV-14 This teen drama depicts one of its five main characters' homosexuality as "normal".
Quantico (Season 2 onward) 2016-2017 ABC Although the first season dealt with stopping terrorists and to a certain degree government corruption being depicted in a negative light and was overall politically neutral, the second season, similar to Supergirl below, went far-Left for the second season, including explicitly depicting the president as a woman in a clear attempt at shilling for Hillary Clinton for the presidency, as well as the final few episodes of the season depicting the president succeeding her as a dictator intent on merging the CIA and the FBI, and operating from Russia, in a clear spitting upon Donald Trump's presidency and an allusion to the false claims of Russian collusion in the 2016 election. This plotline proved to be very popular among the liberal critics due to supposed "moral ambiguity."[14]
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2010-present BRAVO Physical altercations, verbal arguments, and name calling are routinely displayed. The show focuses on the cast's lack of effective interpersonal communication skills and promotes pointless drama. Many of the housewives are also feminists.
The Real O'Neals 2015-2017 ABC TV PG This anti-Catholic (and, to a much greater extent, anti-family) sitcom stars a teenager who "comes out" as homosexual to his family members. This show, based on the life of foul-mouthed homosexual activist and anti-Christian, anti-conservative, heterophobic and misogynistic[15] bigot Dan Savage (who is also its executive producer). As one of ABC's lowest-rated and least-watched shows because of its offensive content, it was finally cancelled in May 2017.
Real Time with Bill Maher 2003-present HBO TV MA This political talk show typically features a liberally slanted panel. It routinely mocks conservatives and conservative values (including religion, with Maher even going so far as to deny the existence of Jesus Christ, in a manner similar to Holocaust denial, despite historical accounts, spiritual evidence, and even archaeological evidence of His existence proving otherwise). Maher himself smears conservative women in a vulgar and sexist manner.
RuPaul's Drag Race 2009-present Logo TV Homosexual cross-dresser RuPaul hosts this radical reality series that blatantly celebrates homosexuality and transvestism.
Salem 2014-2017 WGN America TV-MA Based very loosely on the Salem witch trails, liberals once again change history to suit their agenda by dehumanizing Christians and portraying satanic witches as "martyrs".
Sex and the City 1998-2004 HBO TV-MA The show has no basis other than the sexual "adventures" of four women in their mid-thirties who live in New York City. Was created by the openly homosexual Darren Star, with this also being suspected for why the women in the show were depicted as sexually loose,[16] with Star and the other writers admitting the original premise involved four homosexual men and just changed them to women for marketing purposes and subtly push the homosexual agenda.[17]
Shake it Up 2010-2013 Disney Channel With poor family values, the show is about teenage girls in a dancing competition who are not very friendly towards one another.
Siskel & Ebert 1986-2010 First-run syndication Liberal critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert give biased reviews to movies, telling other people what to think.
Skins 2011 MTV TV MA Teenage sex is portrayed in a positive light. This show was also accused of being in violation of child pornography laws. Ironically, a much more sexually explicit version of the show had aired for years in the UK with absolutely no controversy. Like with GCB, it ultimately lasted for a single season largely because of the controversy.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1993-1999 First-run syndication TV PG/14 While every Star Trek series touches upon liberal themes, DS9 is without a doubt the most left-wing of all the Star Trek series. One episode, "Rejoined", contains a lesbian kiss, one episode shows a male character being transformed into a female, and many episodes contain anti-Christian and anti-American jokes. Also, the ever-present relationships between human and non-human characters serve as a promotion of bestiality. In addition, many of the characters possess the smarter-than-thou personality that's all too common among liberals. This was even acknowledged by the showrunner for DS9, Ira Steven Behr, by stating that "I know they got a lot of negative feedback, which only goes to prove a point I always believed in, which is that science fiction fans and Star Trek fans are much more conservative than people want to believe, and this whole Gene Roddenberry liberal Humanistic vision is truly not shared by a significant portion of them."
Supergirl (Second season onward) 2016–present The CW Although initially more politically neutral during the first season when it aired on CBS (See its entry within the "Debatable whether Conservative" section of Greatest Conservative TV Shows for more information), it went hard-left when it was moved to the CW, including promoting the homosexual agenda by making Alex Danvers, the adoptive sister of Kara Zor-El, the titular character, a lesbian (and, as of the Season Two finale, having her propose to get "married" to her girlfriend, police detective Maggie Sawyer, with Alex Danver's actress, Chyler Leigh, ironically being a Christian and married to Nathan West as well as having three kids).

In addition, the current season has several pot-shots against any attempts at cutting down illegal immigration (such as the main villain Cadmus's ultimate plan essentially being to relocate aliens back to their home planet), and also featured (especially after the 2016 election cycle) several pot shots against Donald Trump (with one episode, "Exodus", indirectly alluding to Trump's election and his being falsely labeled a "fascist" with the character Snapper Carr telling Kara when firing her that leaving out one fact will likely result in "A fascist being elected into the White House". On a similar note, earlier in the episode, Carr proceeded to reference the left-wing meme fake news), with the beginning of the season also having the president being female (played by Lynda Carter, most well known for her role as the title character in the live-action Wonder Woman in the 1970s) in an obvious attempt at predicting Hillary Clinton as being president, even explicitly being called a Democrat in the penultimate episode of the second season (it also shows the president as an alien in human disguise, which may be a veiled reference to Barack Obama and the background he has attempted to hide via sealing of his records). Regarding the Trump burns, the penultimate episode of the second season even has the audacity to compare Rhea, the evil and tyrannical ruler of the planet Daxam, and her Daxamites' invasion of Earth to Donald Trump via Cat Grant paraphrasing Trump's "Make America Great Again" statement and attributing it to the Daxamite invaders, even though the overall methods they used to invade Earth were far closer to that of the illegal immigrants that Trump was trying to deport, including their explicitly trying to remake Earth upon invasion to resemble Daxam.

Near the end of the second season, the liberal infiltration into all aspects of Supergirl even reflects in the titles of the second season's final two episodes: "Resist" (a Democrat code word, derived from Hillary Clinton's message to her supporters on the Left to "resist" the Trump administration by any means necessary following her defeat in the 2016 Presidential election, and to a lesser extent derived from a similar codeword used by student radicals during the 1960s, most infamously used by the 500 students occupying the amphitheater at the University of Vincennes on January 1969) and "Nevertheless, She Persisted" (which relates to an incident in the Senate where Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren persisted, despite being told several times to cease, in denouncing Jeff Sessions during the vote to confirm him as Attorney General[18]).

In the third season premiere "Girl of Steel", the writers proceeded to double down on the left-wing agendas by not only having Cat Grant, acting as the Press Secretary for President Marsden and making a comment that implied that people who didn't believe in Global Warming/Climate Change were dumber than third graders/eight year olds, but also had as the main antagonist of the episode, Morgan Edge, written in a manner that was a thinly-veiled left-wing strawman of Donald Trump, including having his career changed from being a media mogul to a real-estate mogul.[19]

Teletubbies 1997-2001 CBeebies TV-Y This British program exposes many young minds to environmentalism as well as LGBT-related material, as Tinky Winky was purple and carried a purse (the character famously became a target for anti-homosexual activists during the series' original run). Even worse, Tinky Winky's actress was a pornographic actress and a lesbian.
These Friends of Mine/Ellen 1994–1998 ABC Initially presented as a clone of the sitcom Seinfeld, the show changed direction near the end of its fourth season when series star Ellen DeGeneres announced that she was a lesbian and decided to make her character, Ellen Morgan, lesbian as well. The show's ratings plummeted after the announcement and never recovered, leading to its cancellation by ABC in May 1998.
Torchwood 2006-2011 BBC TV-14 This graphic sci-fi series obsesses itself with promoting the homosexual agenda. Nearly every character is homosexual or bisexual.
Transparent 2014-present Amazon Video This scripted series focuses on gender confusion, the LGBT agenda, and professor values, all misguidedly portrayed in a positive light. Former college professor Morton Pfefferman, the patriarch of the Pfefferman family, starts claiming to be a "woman" named "Maura" in the pilot episode. Later episodes explore the Pfeffermans' efforts to enable and indulge Morton in his delusion (in one episode, Morton gets offended and walks out on a family portrait shooting when the photographer correctly calls him "sir"), while oldest daughter Sarah leaves her husband to enter a lesbian relationship. It is also notorious for showcasing the first full-frontal nude shot of a "transgendered" person in the recent season, as Morton while at a massage parlor rolls over and exposes his (implanted) breasts as well as his penis.[20]
Two and a Half Men 2003-2015 CBS Pre-Season 8: Main character Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) is an alcoholic jingle writer whose series of casual sexual relationships is portrayed as admirable, while his younger brother Alan, a chiropractor who is more moral and hard-working by comparison, is more prone to misfortune. There is a lack of positive female role models, and Charlie has an antagonistic and dysfunctional relationship with his mother, which is passed off as humorous.

Post-Season 8: After saying goodbye to the late Charlie (a response to Sheen's dismissal from further appearances following his real-world bout with alcoholism, drug abuse, and adultery), Alan meets and takes in tech company billionaire Walden Schmidt, whose divorce from his wife is presented positively. One of the episodes depicts Alan's ex-wife and current girlfriend implied to have undergone a lesbian one-night-stand. In another episode, Jake, Alan's son, comments about getting an STD as if it were a badge of honor.

In November 2012, Angus T. Jones, Jake's actor, began speaking out against the show, which he had recently left, and labeled it as filth after his famous conversion to Christianity the previous month.

Van Helsing 2016-present SyFy TV-14 Van Helsing's feministic daughter now fights vampires in a post-apocalyptic world. Not surprisingly, the Christian part of Helsing's character is completely absent.
The View 1997- ABC Liberal activists such as Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Rosie O'Donnell, and Whoopi Goldberg host this talk show with feminist overtones.
Weeds 2005-2012 Showtime This series focuses mainly on the sale and use of marijuana (and the connected criminal activity) by a widow and her family.
The West Wing 1999-2006 NBC Aaron Sorkin uses this series as a platform for his liberal talking points. This may have been what influenced various liberal journalists into thinking that how Martin Sheen's character acted in the show was how a president was supposed to act, resulting in the liberal media's attempts at doing a witch hunt on Donald Trump's every move during his road to the U.S. presidency.
When We Rise 2017 ABC TV-14 This docudrama miniseries glorifies both the homosexual agenda and its history, starting from the 1969 Stonewall riot. Liberal actors Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O'Donnell, Rob Reiner, and homosexual David Hyde Pierce all star. Historical revisionism is laden throughout[21], including demonizing and deliberate mischaracterization of past conservatives who opposed homosexuality, as well as making the homosexuals and the gender-confused look like "victims" when, in reality, they were and still are the aggressors[22]) and whitewashing of the history of the LGBT movement (particularly what happens to those who practice homosexuality and engage in homosexual sex) as seen through the far-Left viewpoint of the miniseries' producers, all in an attempt to pander to a specifically targeted audience.[23]

The miniseries claims the homosexual agenda began as an offshoot of the Civil Rights Movement, but nonwhite Americans would consider this claim offensive due to the agenda's attempt to compare sexual preference to skin color (a person's skin color is a trait from birth, but homosexuality is not) as well as a cheap attempt by the LGBT movement to hitch their wagon onto legitimate civil rights for nonwhite Americans. As expected, liberal media reviewers heaped unwarranted praise on the miniseries, while conservative website NewsBusters was far more critical of it and called out the miniseries, its producers, and writer/creator Dustin Lance Black for their revisionism and lies.[22] Not surprisingly, few TV viewers were willing to watch the miniseries because of its pushing of the homosexual agenda, liberal ideology, historical revisionism, and whitewashing, making it the lowest-rated program to air on the Big Four broadcast networks each night it aired, putting ABC in fourth place behind CBS, NBC, and FOX while barely tying with the CW.[5][24]

Will & Grace 1998–2006; 2017–present NBC Sitcom about a homosexual lawyer, Will Truman, and a straight interior designer, Grace Adler, who share an apartment in New York City. The show is basically a blatant attempt at pushing the homosexual agenda and using it to pander to a targeted LGBT audience. Another main character, Jack McFarland, is a sporadically-employed actor and a flamboyant, promiscuous homosexual whose life revolves around homosexuality almost every waking moment and attempting to get sexually involved with every man he comes across. It also plays up and makes light of alcoholism and prescription drug abuse via Karen Walker, an amoral socialite who engages in both.

In spite of its subject matter, the show became a surprise hit for NBC as part of its Thursday night "Must See TV" lineup, drawing an average of over 17 million viewers at its peak during its third and fourth seasons before its rating fell in its later seasons, with one seventh season episode, "From Queer to Eternity", drawing a record low viewership of just 5.8 million as viewers began tiring of the show. It ended production in 2006 after eight seasons and its reruns (which entered syndication in the fall of 2002) largely vanished from broadcast syndication in 2008, retreating to cable thereafter. It was revived by NBC for an abbreviated ninth season on September 28, 2017, with the network claiming that it has already renewed it for a tenth season, but based on its return episode, "11 Years Later" (which dove straight into politics as it made pathetic jokes about conservatives, attacked Donald Trump and took a cheap shot poke at Ronald Reagan's later struggle with Alzheimer's disease[25]), and its viewership numbers (just 10.18 million viewers for its return, with its October 5 episode falling to just 7.14 million viewers), the Will & Grace revival may not be long for TV screens.

Witches of East End 2013-2014 Lifetime This short-lived series attempts to glorify witchcraft.
The Wonder Years 1988-1993 ABC Although traditional family values churn at the core, The Wonder Years has a politically liberal, specifically antiwar undertone. Despite the father, Arnold family patriarch Jack Arnold, being a veteran of the Korean War, the second season episode "Walkout" has Jack's son Kevin Arnold and other students walk out of school to protest the ongoing Vietnam War. The only person who tries to stop it is the school's vice-principal, who is depicted as the episode's "villain" as he threatens to suspend any participants in the walkout and put those suspensions on their permanent records. The show makes other jabs at the war, such as characters (like Kevin's rebellious teenage hippie sister Karen) going to vigils and displaying the peace sign constantly.

Animated Programs

Title Original run Network TV rating Description
Almost Naked Animals 2011-2013 YTV (Canada) TV-Y7 (should be TV-MA) In the Left's secret ploy to send subliminal messages of bestiality and disorderly conduct at a younger audience, anthropomorphic animals are furless and walk around in their underwear, but only the audience acknowledges this.
The Ambiguously Gay Duo 1996-???? ABC, later NBC Unknown Originally a clip from The Dana Carvey Show before moving over to Saturday Night Live, the Batman ripoff, as implied by its name, has a homo-erotic subtext of its main characters portrayed humorously when, if anything, it is filth.
American Dad 2005- FOX, later TBS Don't let the patriotic-sounding title fool you: Like all Seth MacFarland animated productions, it supports liberalism and homosexuality and bashes conservatism. In a case of truth in advertising, one of the main characters, Hayley Smith, is depicted as a far-left hippie who is shrewish, hateful, and sometimes violent while stridently standing by her liberal views and, like Brian Griffin on Family Guy, is used as Seth MacFarlane's sounding board for his viewpoints on the show.
Breadwinners 2014- Nickelodeon TV-Y7 This racy Nickelodeon stoner cartoon stars two anthropomorphic ducks (who look nothing like their species anyway) who deliver bread and engage in disorderly conduct and vulgar humor.
Big Mouth 2017- Present Netflix TV-MA Absolutely disgusting and disturbing sexually explicit cartoon about children and their genitals. One episode features a young boy masturbating in his own bed. Another episode features a young girl talking to her Vagina while looking at it in a mirror. Episode titles include "Ejaculation" and "Am I Gay?" As usual, Liberals praise this show. Christians have denounced the show and there are multiple petitions online to take the show off the air.
Caillou 1997-2010 Teletoon TV-Y This Canadian cartoon promotes a lack of effective communication skills and whiny tantrums among youth and only teaches young children that behavior of that nature can get them what they want.
Captain Planet and the Planeteers 1990-1996 TBS TV-Y7 This pro-environmentalism cartoon is created by liberal elitist Ted Turner.
The Cleveland Show 2009-2013 FOX TV 14 This raunchy Family Guy spinoff includes many racist and sexual jokes, mostly against Caucasians.
Codename: Kids Next Door 2002-2008 Cartoon Network TV-Y7 Kids form militia forces around the world to fight villains themed around adult stereotypes in this obvious metaphor for nihilism. A feminist subtext is present, too, with girls in positions of authority often superior to those of boys.
Doc McStuffins 2012- Present Disney Junior TV-Y What looks like a cute cartoon about a child doctor who fixes living stuffed toys actually pushes pro-LGBT propaganda on young children. One episode features a lesbian couple, and Chris Nee, the series' creator, is a lesbian.
Dora the Explorer 2000-2014 Nick Junior TV-Y This "interactive", pro-multiculturalist cartoon teaches young children Spanish. Multiple characters can't speak a word in English, requiring the audience has to speak Spanish to them. The series is often criticized, too, for having its main characters "dumb down" their target audience, giving children too much time to answer questions that could be answered quickly and teaching them how to copy what they see on screen rather than learn for themselves.
Drawn Together 2004-2007 Comedy Central TV MA This cartoon is laced with explicit, crude, and vulgar humor. During Season 2, Princess Clara (a devout "Christian") is depicted as a "bigot" and a hypocrite.
Fanboy and Chum Chum 2009-2014 Nickelodeon TV-Y7 The titular child characters with absent parents engage in disorderly conduct by harassing the supporting cast at every turning point.
Family Guy 1999-2003, 2005- FOX TV-14 Notorious for its shock tactics, this show routinely employs willful tastelessness for comedic shock value. Examples include one regular character who is a homosexual pedophile, as well as constant Hitler jokes and film and television clips as seen through the eyes of main character Peter Griffin, who sees them with a warped and twisted viewpoint. Brian Griffin, the Griffin family's talking pet dog, is frequently used by series creator Seth MacFarlane as a sounding board for his liberal political and social views. In addition, despite the title of the show indicating that it promotes traditional family values, the titular Griffin Family, especially Peter Griffin, the patriarch, often treats their children in an exceptionally abusive manner, frequently for laughs.
Glenn Martin DDS 2009-2011 Nickelodeon TV-PG Progressive former Disney CEO Michael Eisner created this racy stop motion cartoon to degrade the role of fatherhood and push limits as to what can be shown on prime time television with demented sexual jokes. One episode blatantly portrays Barack Obama as the "messiah" and Dick Cheney as the devil.
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy 2003-2008 Cartoon Network TV-Y7 An idiotic boy and a nihilist girl befriend the Grim Reaper in a cartoon that attempts to paint the well-known personification of death humorously, denigrates the importance of family, and celebrates disorderly conduct.
Johnny Test 2005-2014 Cartoon Network TV-Y7 This knockoff of Jimmy Neutron, Fairly OddParents, and Dexter's Laboratory devalues friendship and family. Its titular main protagonist is very arrogant and selfish. Unlike Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron, he almost never learns his lesson in the end.
The Legend of Korra 2012-2014 Nickelodeon TV-PG Liberals have pushed it on children since it features an early, if not the first, homosexual protagonist in children's television and strongly advocates feminism.
The Loud House 2016- Present Nickelodeon TV-Y7 It looks like an ordinary animated suburban family sitcom until it pushes the LGBT agenda. One of main character Lincoln Loud's friends is raised by a homosexual couple, and one of his ten sisters is a lesbian.
Love Hina 2000 TV Tokyo N/A (only released on DVDs outside Japan); This pro-feminist anime treats the girls abusing a man for "perversion" when he, in reality, is just at the wrong place at the wrong time as "funny" to such an extent that it is frequently used as a running gag, with the man often having to apologize for the "bad behavior" despite it not actually being his fault. The man in question, Keitaru Urashima, later ends up marrying Naru Narusegawa, who is the main offender regarding the abuse. Professor Values may be pushed as well since most of the cast, in particular, Naru Narusegawa and Keitaru Urashima, only seem to care about getting into college to meet their loved ones over actually studying.
Mega Babies 1999-2000 Teletoon (Canada)

Fox Family (US) Sky One (UK)

Aside from being a rip-off of Ren & Stimpy because of the humor, Rugrats because of the premise, and The Powerpuff Girls because of the trio of heroes trend seen throughout works of fiction, this Canadian animated series
Mr. Pickles 2013 (pilot) 2014- Adult Swim TV-MA This ugly Satanic cartoon stars a border collie who is a physical incarnation of the Devil himself and engages in a lot of violent, bloody, and gory behavior. Not only that, but the show stereotypes heavy metal music.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 2010- The Hub Network / Discovery Family TV-Y The ever-popular among liberals anime-influenced cartoon has hidden liberal ideas such as socialism, environmentalism, feminism, and secularism. Originally made for young girls, the show has unexpectedly attracted a worldwide cult following of young adult to adult men who call themselves "Bronies", suggesting homosexuality or even pedophilia in the fanbase. Perhaps a much more apparent problem than these is the threat the cartoon poses to traditional ideas of masculinity as more men become attracted to it.
The Nutshack 2007-2011 MyxTV (Philippines) TV-MA The entire theme of this cartoon is San Francisco values.
Rick and Morty 2013- Adult Swim TV-MA This adult cartoon, whose main characters are ludicrous caricatures of Doc Brown and Marty McFly from the mostly conservative film Back to the Future, is popular among liberals for trying to pass a dysfunctional, atheistic family with a pansexual, alcoholic grandfather (Rick) as humorous.
Sanjay and Craig 2013- Nickelodeon TV-Y7 This ugly buddy comedy stars a racially stereotypical Indian boy and his pet snake, who engage in disorderly conduct and use lots of vulgar jokes.
Star vs. the Forces of Evil 2015- Disney Channel TV-Y7 The title character practices feminism and witchcraft. One episode (incidentally released around the same time as the infamous reveal that LeFou was homosexual in the 2017 live action remake for Disney's Beauty and the Beast) notoriously features in the background of one stadium scene two men kissing each other and two women doing the same.
Steven Universe 2013- Cartoon Network TV-PG Don't let the cutesy art style fool you in this one. On the surface, it looks like a harmless cartoon about the beauty of family unity among a half-human-half-alien child, his benevolent human father, and his extra-terrestrial friends who teach the boy how to use his superpowers. However, looks are deceiving—it's really a show that exposes children to filth. First, the series teaches that gender confusion is "normal", as the alien characters, while they look like space rocks who turn into women under light, are actually androgynous, and it tries to use their androgyny to justify their lesbian and bisexual behavior (which is based on the series creator's bisexual lifestyle). As a result of these sexless aliens looking like women, the series has a strong feminist bend, with the feminine-presenting aliens and even genuinely female humans portrayed as much more powerful or at least more competent than the male characters, many of whom are weak, silly, or incompetent. When male characters show some form of competence, such as the hero's father's skills with construction, the feminists who rule the show give said male characters less credit than they deserve. Lastly, innuendoes are peppered throughout, especially in terms of "fusions", which were originally supposed to be battle tactics that involved combining the aliens' bodies and minds to form more powerful entities before the show's liberal writers shoehorned in the idea that fusions are expressions of the aliens' "love" for one another. Some episodes even feature the title character going from being male to being "fused" with his female love interest to make a disturbingly androgynous hybrid.

The series' fan base, while small, is one of the most vocally aggressive in the world, and it infamously bullied another fan to attempt suicide after she submitted fan art to the Internet that didn't depict the boy's overweight alien mother, who died before the series began, as overweight. Some countries have the decency to censor or alter explicitly lesbian scenes and dialogue when they import certain episodes of the series, but whenever this happens, the liberal fans always complain and get their way like the spoiled, entitled adult children that many of them are.

All we can say is thank goodness this series is definitely not rated TV-Y.

Schlockumentary Programs

Title Original run Network TV rating Description
60 Minutes 1968- CBS TV-14 It airs on the ultra-liberal CBS and includes diehard liberals Mike Wallace and Andy Rooney among its reporting team. It tries to make its "good guys" as good as possible and its "bad guys" as bad as possible.
The Future Is Wild 2002 BBC, Arte, ZDF, ORF, Mediaset, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel
Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman 2010-2017 Science TV TV-PG Do we really need to explain?

Anti-Christian/Anti-Religion Programs

Title Original run Network TV rating Description
Black Jesus 2014-present Adult Swim TV-MA Sacrilegious from its title forward, this blasphemous television series focuses on the Messiah, Jesus Christ, living in Compton, California in the modern day. Despite the show's questionable portrayal of Christ and the black community, reviewers claim that the character's method of spreading the Lord's message of love and compassion is present and may actually act as a way to reach the young and rebellious modern audience of today. However, the continued usage of illegal substances on the show may impede that.
GCB 2012 ABC TV-14 This blasphemous sitcom consists mainly of hate speech against Christianity, as evidenced simply by its provocative title. It was so ill-received by various mainstream Christians that they demanded a boycott of anyone who sponsored the show, which ultimately contributed to its lasting a single season.
Mr. Pickles 2013 (pilot) 2014- Adult Swim TV-MA This ugly Satanic cartoon stars a border collie who is an embodiment of the Devil and engages in a lot of violent, bloody, and gory behavior. Not only that, but the show stereotypes heavy metal music.
Real Time with Bill Maher 2003-present HBO TV-MA This political talk show typically features a liberally slanted panel. It routinely smears conservatives and Christianity, with Maher even going so far as to deny the existence of Jesus Christ, in a manner similar to Holocaust denial, despite historical accounts, spiritual evidence, and even archaeological evidence of His existence proving otherwise. Maher himself smears conservative women in a vulgar and sexist manner.
Witches of East End 2013-2014 Lifetime This short-lived series attempts to glorify witchcraft.

Debatable Whether Liberal

Title Original run Network TV rating Description
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2013-Present Fox TV-14 Main character Captain Holt is an open homosexual in charge of the fictitious 99th police precinct in Brooklyn, New York City. However, his sexuality is downplayed for the most part, and this sitcom seems to humanize the police in an era when liberal news media does everything it can to dehumanize the authorities. It lightheartedly teaches that the police are likeable, three-dimensional everyday people with fairly normal internal and interpersonal obstacles to overcome in a humorous fashion, and it averts the preposterous liberal assumption that the police are racist with its multiracial main cast. On top of that, a number of villains that the detectives face are drug abusers or dealers, which supports war on illegal drugs, and main character Sgt. Terry Jeffords is a devout family man who prefers to act in the best interest of his wife and daughters, whom he does not want to see him killed in the line of duty.
The PowerPuff Girls 1998-2005, Reboot 2016-Present Cartoon Network TV-Y On the one hand, the three titular superhero girls seem to be the only protagonists capable of fighting their city’s various supervillains, while the police, consisting mostly of men, are depicted as bumbling and oafish, making the girls feministic (It doesn’t help that one of the working names for the trio was the more profane Whoop*** Girls). Moreover, innuendoes may be peppered throughout (and are more apparent in the 2016 reboot series, much to the chagrin of even the most devoted fans).

On the other hand, as the girls were created by a scientist to be the “perfect little girls,” they could be more feminine rather than feminist. They try to fit into traditional gender roles despite their capabilities, and they learn family values from the professor who made them and serves as a responsible, knowledgeable, benevolent father-figure and a voice of reason well-versed in various scientific disciplines. Plus, the recurring antagonist “Him” is an obvious reference to Satan, which hints at support for Christianity; and the devilish fiend is an androgynous being who demonstrates some effeminate traits, which unsympathetically depicts and satirizes gender confusion and homosexual lifestyles, respectively. In addition, a villain of the week, "Femme Fatal", was meant to be a condemnation towards the feminist ideology.

SpongeBob SquarePants 1999-Present Nickelodeon TV-Y One of the most influential cartoons of the 21st century, centered on an energetic, anthropomorphic sea sponge (who more nearly resembles a kitchen sponge) and a diverse cast of his underwater friends, is decidedly one of the most politically ambiguous.

On the one hand, the series suggests that capitalists are inherently malign or simply obsessed with money, as the main character’s crustacean employer, the fast food restaurateur Mr. Krabs, is inclined to put money before others’ interests, sometimes at the expense of others’ well-being. In addition, SpongeBob and his dimwitted seastar best friend Patrick Star have a habit of annoying Squidward Tentacles, a cynical and apathetic octopus (and an expy of Sesame Street character Bert due to both characters having interests that others find mundane and boring) who lives between them, and tend to not face comeuppance for their childish actions (though there are exceptions), which may teach that being annoying is “acceptable” adult behavior. Specific episodes have controversial overtones, too. For instance, “Rock-a-Bye Bivalve” is infamous for depicting SpongeBob and Patrick raising a baby scallop like a homosexual couple. Moreover, one of the series’ worst-received episodes, “One Coarse Meal,” tries to make bullying look humorous because it centers on Mr. Krabs driving his microscopic arch business rival Plankton to suicide by appealing to the copepod’s secret fear of whales, a fear not present in any other episode. Worst of all, there is a theory that each of the seven main characters is modeled after one of the Seven Deadly Sins:

  • Mr. Krabs is avarice for his love of money.
  • Plankton is envy because he desires after that which Mr. Krabs has: a successful restaurant and the secret formula for Krabs’ signature sandwich, the Krabby Patty.
  • Squidward is wrath due to his irritability.
  • Sandy Cheeks the diving suit-clad squirrel is pride as she is immensely proud of her native Texas.
  • Patrick is sloth since he is often seen dormant.
  • Gary, SpongeBob’s pet sea snail, is gluttony because his character has little to do other than eat.
  • SpongeBob is a strange variant on lust: though the character is said to be asexual, he seems to have “lust for life” because, depending on the writer(s), he can be too fixated on his job (or even on Squidward) at times.

On the other hand, many episodes where SpongeBob works in his regular job as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab restaurant teach young audiences to appreciate hard work and persistence as SpongeBob eagerly strives to make the most out of his rather ordinary vocation. Most episodes where Plankton appears draw a clear distinction between good and evil, showing the errors of stealing and conducting business through illegitimate means as Plankton’s schemes to outcompete Mr. Krabs, the more competent businessman, or steal his Krabby Patty recipe backfire. In addition, depending on the writer(s), Krabs can serve as a surrogate father-figure to SpongeBob, teaching him to stay out of danger and not to act so impulsively as he usually does. Lastly, the episode "SpongeBob, You're Fired!" has gained fame among conservatives for advocating self-sufficiency while lampooning the welfare state.[26]


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