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Starting with the infamous "Rural purge" of the early-1970s (when CBS cancelled most of its Western dramas and all of its rural/family-themed sitcoms and variety shows in favor of "socially relevant" urban-themed shows) and increasingly into the present, liberal-leaning television series creators, producers and writers have put shows on the air that appeal more to their own personal viewpoints than to the tastes of most of the general public. As a result, (and also partly due to the increase in TV channels since that period), many TV shows currently on the air have undergone decreases in viewership and the declining ratings that go with them. To liberals in the media, however, declining TV ratings and unsatisfied audiences mean less to them than pushing liberal ideology (including playing up socialism, feminism and the homosexual agenda and depicting them in a positive light while denigrating religion, the family and traditional values) and forcing public acceptance of it does. Shown below is a list of some of the worst liberal TV shows, past and present.

Title Original run Network TV rating Description

All in the Family 1971–1979 CBS American adaptation by liberal TV producer Norman Lear of the BBC series Till Death Us Do Part. In this series, Lear inaccurately depicted Archie Bunker, a blue-collar conservative and head of the Bunker family, with liberal traits like bigotry and ignorance while depicting his son-in-law, socially liberal and politically leftist hippie and Democrat supporter Mike Stivic (referred to as "Meathead" by Archie), as the "voice of reason" (in the original British series, Mike's counterpart on that show, Mike Rawlins, was a Trotskyist), with many episodes focusing on the political, philosophical and cultural clashes between Archie and Mike while Archie's wife Edith and their daughter Gloria tried to keep the peace. Followed by a sequel, Archie Bunker's Place, which ran from 1979 to 1983.
Real Time with Bill Maher 2003- HBO TV MA Political talk show that typically features a liberally slanted panel. Routinely mocks conservatives and conservative values. Maher himself smears conservative women in a vulgar and sexist manner.
Family Guy 1999-2003, 2005- Fox TV 14 Notorious for its shock tactics, this show routinely employs willful tastelessness for comedic shock value. Examples include one regular character who is a homosexual pedophile, as well as constant Hitler jokes and clips of television shows as seen through the eyes of main character Peter Griffin, who sees them with a warped and twisted viewpoint. Brian Griffin, the Griffin family's talking pet dog on the show, is frequently used by series creator Seth MacFarlane as a sounding board for his liberal political and social views.
Modern Family 2010- ABC TV 14 Mocks family values and promotes dysfunction and same-sex parenting among families. Three "families" are depicted in the show, two of which are dysfunctional and the third of which is a male homosexual couple with an adopted child. Gloria Pritchett, the Colombian-born second wife of main character Jay Pritchett, also sometimes displays a racist attitude toward her husband and other characters.
GCB 2012-2012 ABC TV 14 Extremely blasphemous against Christianity, as evidenced simply by its provocative title.
Glenn Martin DDS 2009-2011 Nickelodeon TV PG Mocks the role of fatherhood and also promotes liberalism with many demented sexual jokes. One episode blatantly portrays Barack Obama as the "messiah" and Dick Cheney as the devil. Created by progressive former Disney CEO Michael Eisner.
RuPaul's Drag Race 2009- Logo TV Radically pro-gay reality show hosted by homosexual cross-dresser RuPaul. The show is blatant promotion for transvestism.
The New Normal 2012-2013 NBC Pro-gay anti-Christian show about a homosexual couple that want to have a baby, contains many liberal agendas, and portrays the one main conservative of the show from a stereotypically negative liberal viewpoint. One NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City refused to air the show because of its offensive content. Few people watched the show and it was cancelled after one season, sending the message that almost no one finds liberal agendas or mockery of conservatives and traditional values funny.
The Legend of Korra 2012-2014 Nickelodeon TV PG Liberals pushed it on children since it features one of the, if not the, first children's shows to feature a homosexual protagonist and strongly advocates feminism.
Degrassi 2001- TeenNick, Netflix TV 14 Tasteless high school drama show which portrays drug use, homosexuality, gender confusion and abortion in a positive light.
Orange is the New Black 2013- Netflix Decadent show that glamorizes the homosexual agenda and prison life. The main moral of the show, as claimed by series creator Jenji Kohan, is that it is not normal to be straight and following in the path of God, and practicing Christianity will lead to horrible punishments. Additionally, it inadvertently supports abortion, as it is revealed that the Christian "villain" in the show wound up in prison for killing a bunch of abortionists after receiving one. Every woman in prison, with the exception of the villain, is in a lesbian relationship with one of their fellow inmates- even the nun.
All American Muslim 2011-2012 TLC Reality program that essentially censors and whitewashes the true face of Islam, a terroristic and supremacist political ideology masquerading as a "religion", depicting the lives of five Islamic families in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, Michigan. The show drew criticism for depicting Islam in a favorable light, despite its reality being far different, and it was cancelled after one season due to low ratings. Controversy also erupted when home improvement retail chain Lowe's withdrew its sponsorship of the show, leading liberal celebrities Russell Simmons, Mia Farrow and Kal Penn, Internet activist group Anonymous and Islamic congressman Keith Ellison and other liberal politicians to call for a boycott of Lowe's and demanded apologies from the chain in response, which led in turn to Lowe's ignoring their demands and other companies joining Lowe's in withdrawing sponsorship of the program, while the threatened boycott itself largely fizzled.
The View 1997- ABC Talk show with liberal activists such as Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 1996-2015 Comedy Central TV 14 Jon Stewart mocks conservative politicians and media stars much more than his occasional jab at liberal Democrats.
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee 2016– TBS TV MA An offshoot of The Daily Show featuring dimwitted former correspondent and alleged "comedian" Samantha Bee, who liberally uses foul language, bigotry and projection in her frequent, pathetic and unfunny mischaracterizations of conservative politicians, public figures and the public when they refuse to embrace liberal agendas. Bee often takes to behaving like a middle-aged teenybopper during her reports while slagging those she opposes.
Pretty Little Liars ABC Family/Freeform TV 14 Depicts a homosexual teen as "normal".
Skins 2011 MTV TV MA Portrays teenage sex in a positive light. This show was also accused of being in violation of child pornography laws. Ironically a much more sexually explicit version of the show has aired for years in the UK with absolutely no controversy.
Jersey Shore MTV TV 14 Infamous reality TV series that revolves around immoral and obscene behavior characteristics of its cast on the shores of New Jersey. Behavior depicted includes obscene dancing, innuendo, public drunkenness, and domestic violence.
Weeds 2005-2012 Showtime A show just about selling marijuana.
Drawn Together Comedy Central TV MA Animated show containing explicit crude and vulgar humor. During Season 2, one of the few religious people on the show, Princess Clara (a parody of Disney princesses such as Belle or Ariel), a Christian, is depicted as a "bigot" and a hypocrite as if that was all there was to Christianity, in the view of series creators Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein.
The Colbert Report 2005-2014 Comedy Central TV 14 Stephen Colbert is a liberal who parodies conservative pundits such as Bill O'Reilly and conservative news shows, such as The O'Reilly Factor. Also features alcohol use, profanity, and jokes related to intercourse.
Countdown with Keith Olbermann 2003-2011 (MSNBC), 2011-2012 (Current TV) MSNBC, Current TV TV PG Hosted by left-wing commentator Keith Olbermann. Featured vehement attacks against conservatives.
Ellen ABC
The Girls Next Door The Playboy Channel Promotes the pornographic magazine Playboy, which exploits women.
The Howard Stern Show TV MA Features very vulgar and crass discussions and language.
The Oprah Winfrey Show 1986-2011 Syndication Daytime talk show frequently promoting liberal and feminist viewpoints.
30 Rock NBC TV 14
The Cleveland Show 2009- Fox TV 14 A spin-off from the extremely liberal cartoon Family Guy. Raunchy comedy that includes many racist and sexual jokes; mostly against Caucasians.
Sex and the City HBO TV MA The show has no basis other than the sexual "adventures" of four women in their mid-thirties who live in New York City.
Girls 2012- HBO TV MA Is a strong supporter of feminism and the homosexual agenda. There is an arc in the second season in which the main character begins to date a young conservative, only to break up with him, reasoning that his views were "immoral". The show also glamorizes Hollywood values, such as marrying someone on the basis of boredom, having multiple sexual partners, and glamorizing abortion. Creator Lena Dunham, a self-proclaimed feminist, has defended these wrongs in interviews, claiming it is a representation of what it is like to be a woman in her twenties, when really it most certainly isn't.
Looking 2014- HBO TV MA Exists solely as propaganda for the homosexual agenda.
Hardball with Chris Matthews CNBC
The West Wing 1999-2006 NBC Just a platform for the control-freak Aaron Sorkin's liberal talking points.
The Newsroom 2012- HBO Yet another forum for Aaron Sorkin to promote his liberal views. Promotes the view that making the news "moral" means bashing Republicans and airing one-sided opinion pieces masquerading as "news". Strange liberal morality.
Piers Morgan Tonight CNN
Anderson Cooper 360° CNN Liberal-biased news show hosted by openly homosexual Anderson Cooper.
Two and a Half Men 2003 - 2015 CBS The main character's series of casual sexual relationships is portrayed as admirable. There is a lack of positive female role models. Main character has an antagonistic and dysfunctional relationship with his mother which is passed off as humorous. Note: describes show during first 8 years, prior to recent cast change.

Post Season-8: One of the episodes depicted Alan Harper's ex-wife and current girlfriend implied to have undergone a lesbian one-night-stand. Jake Harper also comments about getting an STD as if it were a badge of honor in another episode. In addition, Angus T. Jones, Jake's actor, labeled the show as filth.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2010 - BRAVO Physical altercations, verbal arguments, and name calling is routinely displayed. Show focuses on the cast's lack of effective interpersonal communication skills and promotes pointless drama.
Bridezillas 2004- WE tv Brides-to-be are encouraged to display their worst behavior. They rant, scream, throw tantrums, and treat their wedding staff, spouse-to-be, family, and friends terribly.
American Dad 2005- Fox Supports liberalism and homosexuality. Mocks conservative values. In a case of truth in advertising, one of the main characters, Hayley Smith, is depicted as a far-Left hippie who is shrewish, hateful and sometimes violent while stridently promoting her liberal views and, like Brian Griffin on Family Guy, is used as Seth MacFarlane's sounding board for his viewpoints on the show.
How I Met Your Mother 2005 - 2014 CBS Includes womanizing, alcohol use and gambling. Some episodes include fornication without consequence.
The Big Bang Theory 2007 - CBS No family values, instead some of the main characters are rooming together and some of them are not married. In addition the key character Sheldon Cooper is an atheist.
Black-ish 2014- ABC The plot of most episodes are usually only to promote liberalism. It promotes gun control, vaccinations, and even abortion. Drives black racial stereotypes.
2 Broke Girls 2011- CBS Promotes homosexuality and feminism while mocking conservative ideals and leaders. The show constantly attempts to push the limits of blue jokes, racial stereotypes and sexual references. One of the show's titular girls, Max Black, a proudly rude, unprofessional, unmotivated, immoral, aggressive and promiscuous woman with a drug and alcohol problem, is portrayed as a positive role model for modern women. Plus, the character Sophie Kachinsky, who is even more immoral and promiscuous, is always given a very loud canned applause upon every one of her entrances in order to indicate her as the show's best character.
Shake it Up 2010 - 2013 Disney Poor family values, the show about teenage girls on a dancing show, whom are not very friendly to one another.
I Am Cait 2015 - E! An offshoot of reality television series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, this series exploits and glamorizes gender confusion while indulging Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner in his delusion of pretending to be a "woman". Despite losing half its ratings after its first week due to few people wanting to watch the LGBT agenda being pushed on them, E! announced it would be bringing the show back for a second season. Its viewership, which had been at 2.73 million viewers at its premiere but dropped by more than half after that, fell to less than a fifth of that number (about 480,000 viewers) at one point during its second season, which finished with less than a third of its debut numbers and could lead to its cancellation.
I Am Jazz 2015 - The Learning Channel Another reality series exploiting gender confusion, this one focusing on a teenage boy (real name: Jaron Bloshinsky[1]) who claims to be a "girl" using the name "Jazz Jennings". Like I Am Cait, its ratings plummeted after its debut episode for similar reasons.
Becoming Us 2015 - ABC Family/Freeform Still another reality show glamorizing and exploiting gender confusion. Two families with fathers claiming to be "women" are highlighted in this series, which debuted at a low-rated 81st place and dropped out of the top 100 shows entirely the following week, eventually finishing the season at less than a third of its already-low viewership numbers. No new episodes have been produced or even announced since then, sparking the possibility that the show may already be cancelled (although Freeform has not officially made such an announcement, likely to spite detractors of the show).
Transparent 2014 - Amazon Video Scripted series focusing on gender confusion, the LGBT agenda and professor values which misguidedly portrays all in a positive light. Former college professor Morton Pfefferman, patriarch of the Pfefferman family, starts claiming to be a "woman" named "Maura" in the pilot episode. Later episodes explore the Pfeffermans' efforts to enable and indulge Morton in his delusion (in one episode, Morton gets offended and walks out on a family portrait shooting when the photographer correctly calls him "sir"), while oldest daughter Sarah leaves her husband to enter a lesbian relationship.
The Real O'Neals 2015 - ABC TV PG Anti-Catholic (and anti-family) "sitcom" featuring a teenaged character who "came out" as homosexual to his family members.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1993-1999 Syndication TV PG/14 While every Star Trek series touches upon liberal themes, DS9 is without a doubt the most left-wing of all the series. A few episodes contain lesbian kisses, one episode shows a male character being transformed into a female, and many episodes contain anti-Christian and anti-American jokes. Also, the ever-present relationships between human and non-human characters serves as a promotion of bestiality. In addition, many of the characters possess the smarter-than-thou personality that's all too common among liberals.
Charmed 1998-2006 The WB Disturbingly glorifies witchcraft as well as feminism

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  1. Gender, Patriarchy, and All That Jazz : Mary Lou Singleton (Warning: Contains feminist rhetoric and nonsense)

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"If you watch 'Two and a Half Men', please stop watching 'Two and a Half Men, I'm on 'Two and a Half Men' and I don't want to be on it. You cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that." - Angus T. Jones, actor on Two and a Half Men