Essay: Was Stephen Paddock an atheist mass killer?

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Joseph Stalin's atheistic regime killed tens of millions of people.

Fox News is beginning to pin the Stephen Paddock Las Vegas mass killing attack on atheism via some Fox News ladies.[1] Yes, ladies still dislike atheism! (see: Atheism and women).

Question: Was Stephen Paddock an atheist mass killer?

Below are various pieces of evidence and various arguments both pro and con that Stephen Paddock was an atheist mass shooter. If he was an atheist mass killer, he would join company with other violent psychopath atheists like Jared Lee Loughner.

The evidence and the proposition that Stephen Paddock an atheist mass killer


The typical atheist male in the USA is: white, male, in the upper income/wealth bracket, has no religious affiliation, not married and often has poor social skills (see: Atheism and diversity and Atheism and marriage and Atheism and social/interpersonal intelligence).

However, although some American atheists like to claim the unaffiliated (unaffiliated with organized religion), "nones" or "no religion" on religious surveys as one of their own, fewer than 15% of the "nones" consider themselves atheists.[2]

The Barna Group found that atheists and agnostics in America were more likely, than theists in America, to look upon the following behaviors as morally acceptable: cohabitating with someone of opposite sex outside of marriage, sexual relations outside of marriage and gambling.[3]

Atheists have higher suicide rates than theists. See: Atheism and suicide

Loneliness is common among American atheists and within atheistic societies (see: Atheism and loneliness).

Loneliness is common among American atheists and within atheistic societies (see: Atheism and loneliness).

Social science research indicates that anti-theists score the highest among atheists when it comes to personality traits such as narcissism, dogmatism, and anger.[4][5] Furthermore, they scored lowest when it comes to agreeableness and positive relations with others.[6]

Furthermore, in recent times, atheist/irreligious men have developed a reputation for treating women poorly (see: Atheism and sexism and Irreligion and domestic violence).

Stephen Paddock was a divorced, white, upper class male with no religious affiliation.[7] He was known for publicly belittling his Filipino girlfriend.[8]

Paddock's home owner association caused him to have to remove a privacy fence around his home. According to Paddock he constructed the fence because "I don't want to be looking at people, and I don't want people looking at me."[9] Reuters published a news article entitled Las Vegas gunman described as well-off gambler and a loner.[10]

In addition, Paddock was heavily into gambling and he lived with his girlfriend three years before his deadly attack in Las Vegas.[11][12]

Secular leftists and Stephen Paddock mentally breaking down post Donald Trump election

See also: Secular leftists and psychogenic illness

The website Marketwatch reported concerning the aftermath of the 2016 presidential race: Trump’s win is causing a surge in demand for mental health services[13]

Most atheists are secular leftists.

Post Donald Trump being elected, secular leftists have experienced psychogenic illness in terms of mental illness (See: Secular leftists and psychogenic illness). The website Marketwatch reported concerning the aftermath of the 2016 presidential race: Trump’s win is causing a surge in demand for mental health services[14]

Per capita, atheists are more likely to commit suicide (See: Atheism and suicide).

There is a picture of a man an anti-Trump rally wearing a NASA shirt and who looks like Stephen Paddock, but the picture lacks definitive clarity.[15] Paddock worked for a contractor who had some affiliation with NASA.[16]

Paddock has been described as a person who has been on downward spiral in terms of his mental health and he was taking medication related to this matter.[17] The medication Paddock is talking is known for sometimes having severe side effects such as paranoid and violent behavior.

Las Vegas police said Paddock planned to escape and survive his murderous rampage, but ultimately he committed suicide.[18]

Was Stephen Paddock an atheist psychopathic killer?

See also: Atheism and psychopathy

A psychopath is someone with an anti-social personality disorder characterized by violent, perverted or immoral behavior often leading to criminality. Psychopaths have little or no concern for other people. Some psychopaths equate love with sexual arousal.[19]

Stephen Paddock's father was a convicted bank robber who was “diagnosed as psychopathic.”[20]

There is growing evidence that some psychopathic behaviour might be partly genetically caused and heritable.[21]

The perverse and cruel atheist Marquis de Sade in prison, 18th century line engraving. See: Atheism and sadism

Of course, if Stephen Paddock had a genetic trait which is a causal factor for psychopathy, this does not morally absolve him of guilt in terms of his mass killing. People still have free will in order to override their impulses and they can also ask God for strength in terms of overcoming their baser impulses.

A 2016 study relating to atheism and psychopathy published in Plus One indicates:

Similarly, a survey of 312 college students examining the relationship between Religious/Spiritual Well-Being (RSWB) and ‘dark triad’ personality traits found that “RSWB was confirmed to be negatively correlated with these negative aspects of personality, in particular with subclinical psychopathy.”

...moral concern is associated with a spiritual worldview.[22]

According to the 2014 journal article Correlates of psychopathic personality traits in everyday life: results from a large community survey published in the journal Frontiers of Psychology lack of belief in God is positively associated with psychopathy.[23]

Atheism and mass murder

See also: Atheism and mass murder and Atheism and violence

Atheists have been the biggest mass murderers in history (see: Atheism and mass murder). Dr. R. J. Rummel's mid estimate regarding the loss of life due to atheistic communism is that communism caused the death of approximately 110,286,000 people between 1917 and 1987 (See also: Atheism and communism).[24]

In addition, a significant portion of the recent incidents involving young mass murderers have involved atheists.

For additional information, please see:

Counterexamples that Stephan Paddock was an atheist

Below are the counterexamples that Stephen Paddock was an atheist:

1. According to Stephen Paddock's girlfriend, he would lie in bed screaming and moaning "Oh, my God".[25]

2. He was a 64 year old American man. Merely 3% of Americans in his age bracket don't believe in the existence of God according General Social Survey (GSS) data.[26] Furthermore, as noted above, fewer than 15% of American nones (people with no religious affiliateion) are atheists.

3. He had a Filipina girlfriend who very likely believed in the existence of God given the rarity of atheism among Philippine women. She would have thought it was strange for him to be an atheist. She reportedly loved him and did not think Paddock was strange.

Stephen Paddock was a power hungry, liberal, beta male whose anger exploded

Stephen Paddock paid a prostitute to engage in a violent rape fantasy.[27] According to the Daily Mail, "Paddock also boasted about his bank-robber father, saying that 'the bad streak is in my blood' and 'I was born bad', according to texts seen by the Sun on Sunday."[28] Rape is all about power. And like many evil, effete, liberal, Walter Mitty like males, Paddock secretly craved power and fantasized about it! Also, he was not a religious man and had no hedge of protection against his baser instincts. Paddock reveled in being evil and he enjoyed being evil.

Criminal profiler John Kelly refers Paddock's "extreme internalized shame, low self-esteem, depression, and aggressive anger.”[29] In short, Paddock was a beta male whose simmering anger eventually exploded.

Please watch: Stephen Paddock & The Beta Male Mass Shooter Profile.

HERE is a Hillary Clinton favorability/unfavorability graph. HERE is a Trump favorability/unfavorability graph. Paddock's gun purchasing spree about 13 months ago was about the time that Hillary Clinton's favorability rating was cratering and Trump's candidacy was surging in the 2016 presidential election. This suggests that he was an angry liberal who had "Trump derangement syndrome". Trump (and his attendant right-wing populist supporters/movement) was the right-wing alpha male who was challenging this liberal, beta male's world.

According to the New York Times:

When he did appear at his Reno home, he could be curt. Another neighbor, John McKay, recalled a day when he was hanging Christmas lights on a railing in his front yard when Mr. Paddock walked by. Mr. McKay said hello and yelled out, “Merry Christmas!” Mr. Paddock kept walking. “He said nothing,” Mr. McKay said. “Not a word. No eye contact.”

Even more baffling, when Mr. McKay tried to strike up a conversation with Mr. Paddock about Donald Trump during the election campaign, he got no response.

“Almost everyone has a reaction to Trump,” said Mr. McKay’s wife, Darlene.[30]

Why was Paddock so Scrooge like during Christmas?

In December 2003, the University of Warwick reported:

Dr. Stephen Joseph, from the University of Warwick, said: "Religious people seem to have a greater purpose in life, which is why they are happier. Looking at the research evidence, it seems that those who celebrate the Christian meaning of Christmas are on the whole likely to be happier.[31]

See also: Atheism and Christmas and Atheism and depression

Also, was Paddock's non-reaction to Donald Trump a result of him secretly having a plan to go on a murderous killing spree due to Trump's possible election?

I cannot stress this enough: Paddock was an evil, liberal, beta male who craved power. He engaged in mass killing in a way that his victims could not possibly fight back.

Of course, the notion of being evil and a wimpy beta male who craved power and whose anger built up and then exploded like a volcano is not popular among those looking for a psychological explanation for the killings nor is it popular among the media. When Ronald Reagan called the Soviet empire an "evil empire" there was an outcry among liberals. Evil is a religious concept and not popular among the liberal psychology/media crowd. But again, Paddock admitted to being evil and reveled in it.

Question: Why are so many nonreligious, effete, liberal men so angry? See: Does Richard Dawkins have machismo? and Richard Dawkins and anger and Atheism and anger

We know that he was a nonreligious loner. On top of this, he was a liberal beta male who by definition had no followers. So a conspiracy theory is pretty much ruled out.

Verdict: Was Stephen Paddock an atheist mass killer?

There is some evidence that suggests Stephen Paddock might be an atheist/agnostic mass killer. There is also evidence that Paddock may be a theist mass killer who has no religious affiliation (Erick Paddock, the brother of the shooter, stated that Stephen Paddock had "no religion".[32]).

Paddock begin heavily acquiring weapons about 13 months ago which was shortly before the 2106 presidential election. And there is a picture of a man at an anti-Trump rally who resembled Paddock as noted above. Perhaps, Paddock's murderous rage was the result of "Trump derangement syndrome".

Interesting video: Stephen Paddock & The Beta Male Mass Shooter Profile.

Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote: "Everyone has three lives: A public life, a private life and a secret life." The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah said, "The heart is deceitfully wicked above all things. Who can understand it?" We might never fully understand why Paddock went on his murderous rampage.

Questions for atheists

What worldview did Stephen Paddock possess? Was it an atheist worldview?

Where does the evidence most strongly point to in terms of his worldview? Was he most likely nonreligious, religious or irreligious? And before you tell me that his worldview had nothing to do with his murderous rampage, I would ask you to answer this question first: How many Amish mass killers there have been in history?

An Amish farm near Morristown, New York.

So far only chickens and cows have been slaughtered on the farm. No grisly murders have been committed by Amish mass murderers.

See also


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