Essay: What is the difference between Joe Stalin and Richard Dawkins?

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Question: What is the difference between Joseph Stalin and Richard Dawkins?

Answer: Unlike the militant atheist Richard Dawkins, the militant atheist Joseph Stalin did not become an agnostic!

In 2002, Richard Dawkins advocated militant atheism and said he would not feel anything after death:

Richard Dawkins on militant atheism - video

In 2012, Richard Dawkins said he does not call himself atheist and that he is an agnostic:

Richard Dawkins said he is an agnostic - NOT atheist - video

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"Richard, didn't I tell you that if you studied the origin of life that first you would become an agnostic and then a Christian creationist! By the way, your Ben Stein Expelled interview was a disaster for militant atheism. I wept like a baby while watching the interview." - Joseph Stalin
"Richard, you do know the next step after agnostic don't you? Bible believing Christian creationist." - Shockofgod

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