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Song Artist/Band Comments Year Genre
"(Don't Fear) The Reaper" Blue Öyster Cult The band's guitarist, Donald "Buck Dharma" Roser, wrote the song. He debunked the idea that it promoted suicide, and said it was about the inevitability of death; some people interpret the lyrics as suggesting a murder-suicide because of the mention of Romeo and Juliet.[1] 1976 Rock
"Ocean Breathes Salty" Modest Mouse Atheistic propaganda that has the nerve to belittle those who believe in the afterlife. The singer seems to see himself as better than these people. 2004 Rock/indie
"This Charming Man" The Smiths About a man on the road who picks up a hitchhiker. Implies a homosexual attraction between the two. 1983 Rock/indie
"Killing in the Name" Rage Against the Machine Unsubstantiated accusations of racism by law enforcement agencies, going as far as to accuse them of supporting the Ku Klux Klan. "Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses". 1992 Rock
"Heroin" The Velvet Underground An ode to hard drugs, something liberals would enjoy and relate to. 1967 Rock
"Bodies" Drowning Pool "Let the bodies hit the floor"; bad coincidental release timeline in conjunction with 9/11. It was also used to break the will of soldiers during the Iraq War, seems to promote violence and bloodshed. 2001 rock/heavy metal
"Beds are Burning" Midnight Oil Calls for an extremely drastic compromise in response to the Aboriginal conflicts; handing back Australia. 1987 rock
"Poker Face" Lady Gaga Ridiculously over-rated and over valued song that fantasizes about the life of bi-sexual women dating men, but desiring to date other women. 2008 pop/top 40
"I Kissed A Girl" Katy Perry A song about a lesbian kiss which has been heavily criticized by conservatives in the media. 2008 pop
"Imagine" John Lennon A celebratory song of atheism, godlessness, and a world that "will live as one" once God is defeated. 1971 rock
"Lying is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" Panic! At the Disco Liberalism at its finest: promoting sexual immorality in young adults. 2010 Pop
"[Censored] the Police" NWA Anti-police song even the title of the song is censored. 1988 Rap
"This Land Is Your Land" Woody Guthrie (also recorded by various liberal/socialist artists) Song attacking the institution of private property, promoting welfare and criticising the poverty that exists under the capitalist system. 1940 Folk
"Back in the USSR" The Beatles A parody of Beach Boy songs, as well as "Back in the U.S.A." by Chuck Berry.[2] 1968 Pop
"Yes We Can" A pro-Obama propaganda song. 2008 Hip hop
"Born This Way" Lady Gaga A song promoting the fallacy that homosexuality is a legitimate lifestyle into which people are born. 2011 Pop
"OK2BGAY" Tomboy Another homosexuality promoting song. N/A Pop
"Bad Religion" Frank Ocean A song about homosexual emotional dependency. 2012 R&B
"War" Edwin Starr A song promoting pacifism and denouncing all wars, including just wars. 1970 Funk
"If I Had A Rocket Launcher" Bruce Cockburn A song which denounces regulated borders and the military in general 1984 Pop Rock
"The Internationale" Eugène Pottier/Pierre De Geyter A song promoting the abolition of private property and all individual liberty. 1888 Random noise strung together.
"Same Love" Macklemore A song supporting Same Sex "Marriage" as well as bashing Republicans and Christians. Song also features openly lesbian artist singing backup as well as a gay couple on the song artwork. 2013 Pop/ Hip hop
"Party Rock Anthem" LMFAO An ode to hedonism that encourages young people to abandon social responsibility: "Party rock is in the house tonight; everybody just have a good time." The song mocks Christianity (“I got that devilish flow -- no halo”) and promotes gambling (“Every day I’m shuffling”).

Also, the band's name is an obscene acronym.

2011 Dance-pop
"Mosh" Eminem A song persuading people to not vote for Bush in the 2004 election. 2004 Rap
"Young Wild & Free" Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa Basic promotion of drug usage, and encouraging liberal behavior, that smoking, getting drunk and high is what life is all about. 2011 Rap
Starships Nicki Manji A song going to the beach and wasting money on drugs, smoking and alcohol. Basically just getting high and partying. 2012 Pop Dance
Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die Willie Nelson A song just about smoking and getting high 2012 Country
I Touch Myself Divinyls Does the title not say it all? The song's disgustingly about [censored] 1990 pop rock
When Ya Get Drafted Dead Kennedys Anti-war & somehow getting capitalism involved, the song has liberal's paranoid delusion of Reagan drafting them & sending them to war. The irony is that Democrats created the draft in the first place. 1980 Punk Rock
"Run the World (Girls)" Beyoncé Knowle Feminist Song that claims females are superior to men. 2011 Electro-pop
Search And Destroy Iggy and the Stooges Anti-Vietnam War song. 1973 Garage rock
Land of Confusion Genesis/Disturbed Anti-Reagan song, the remake from Disturbed is also Anti-Bush & anti-capitalism, ironic considering their label Warner Bros. Records paid them millions of dollars for the song. 1986 (Genesis) 2006 (Disturbed) Progressive rock/heavy metal
Any song by Marilyn Manson Do we really need to explain?

In addition, these are songs a conservative has to be careful to avoid, as they pretend to have their values at heart, but are deceitfully liberal.

Song Artist/Band Comments Year Genre
"Slack Mother******" Superchunk The song seems to be criticizing a slacker who mooches off everyone around him. However, the band is notoriously liberal, as they openly support the homosexual agenda. The song is also very explicit and morally offensive, and the title openly reflects this. 1990 Alternative/indie rock
"The Guns of Brixton" The Clash Some have interpreted it as being against gun control, but the lyrics are blatantly anti-police and has the nerve to suggest that the police are rascist. The Clash were also anti-Thatcher, liberal, and socialist. 1979 Punk rock/reggae
"Born in The USA" Bruce Springsteen This is an example of subliminal propaganda. The song seems patriotic, but is in fact anti-American, tricking anybody unfortunate enough to hear the song. Even Ronald Reagan was notoriously tricked by Springsteen into playing the song. 1984 Rock
"Green Eyes" Hüsker Dü Pretends to be about love, a universal and conservative subject. However, the song is about a same sex-partner, and that means in support of the homosexual agenda. The band was notorious for writing love songs in the second person to hide this. 1985 Alternative/indie rock

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