Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church

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The Evangelical Reformed Presbyterian Church is a conservative American Reformed Denomination. It was founded in late 2004 in response to a perceived acceptance by churches such as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Church in America of departures from Biblical doctrine in a number of areas, including:

  • the doctrine of justification by faith in Christ alone, apart from good works
  • the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy
  • the teaching of baptismal regeneration
  • failure to discipline ministers, elders, and seminary professors who hold such views
  • the development of what the ERPC considers to be un-Presbyterian bureaucratic structures that impede discipline and undermine spiritual vitality in the churches.

The ERPC emphisizes the importance of the presbyterian form of church government and is strongly Calvinist in doctrine as it subribes to the Westminster Standards. Its doctrine is similar to that of the Bible Presbyterian Church, but it has different distinctives.