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Evesham (Derivation: Eof’s land in the river bend) is a market town in Worcestershire on the River Avon about 22 km (14 miles) south-east of Worcester. The nearby Vale of Evesham is famous for its plums and asparagus.

The Battle of Evesham was fought just to the north of the town on 4 August 1265 between forces led by Prince Edward (the future Edward I and Simon de Montfort, 6th earl of Leicester. Simon - whose cause was made almost impossible, first by the capture of his banners from his son, Simon “the younger” in a previous engagement then the sudden desertion of his Welsh cavalry early in the battle - was killed in the battle and his body mutilated. The monks of Evesham Abbey gathered up what they could and buried him.

Reference: Brewer’s England and Ireland