Examples of Bias in Wikipedia: Naziism, Socialism, Communism

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This article lists examples of Bias in Wikipedia, related to Naziism, Socialism, and Communism:

  1. Edits from Russian Government IP addresses removed statements in the Wikipedia article on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 which said that Russia had provided the terrorists with the surface to air missile used to shoot down that civilian flight.[1][2]
  2. Twice in the second paragraph of the page on Nazism, Wikipedia proclaims the movement as a far-right form of politics, "says a majority of scholars". Back in reality, Nazis are actually radical leftists.[3]
  3. Wikipedia's main article on Communism does not mention any act of genocide in Communist countries, and any attempts to edit the page to include this information are deleted. The Nazism page, however, includes multiple mentions of the Holocaust. The only mention of communist genocide is buried deep within the article structure for Communism.
  4. Augusto Pinochet, who overthrew communism in Chile and then restored democracy before voluntarily giving up power himself, is called a "dictator" by Wikipedia,[4] but Fidel Castro, the communist dictator of Cuba for four decades, is instead called a "leader" or even a "president".[5][6]
  5. Wikipedia is sympathetic to Fidel Castro in its entry about Cuba.[7] Wikipedia blames President Dwight Eisenhower for choosing "to attend a golf tournament" rather than meet the revolutionary Castro in 1959, and then Wikipedia claims that Castro became a communist because of the American-backed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961. Conservapedia tells the truth up-front: "Cuba has been ruled by a communist dictator named Fidel Castro since 1959."[8]
  6. Liberal icon Bertrand Russell receives glowing adoration on Wikipedia, which calls him "a prophet of the creative and rational life," "one of the world's best-known intellectuals" whose "voice carried great moral authority, even into his mid 90s."[9] After 7,700 words about Bertrand Russell, Wikipedia finally mentions Russell's support of the communist revolution, but pretends that Russell quickly opposed it. Instead, Russell wrote that "I believe that Communism is necessary to the world, and I believe ... Bolshevism deserves the gratitude and admiration of all the progressive part of mankind."[10]
  7. Wikipedia's Communism article omits to mention that millions of people have perished as a result of the Marxist ideology. Near the very end of the article they mention "alleged by some scholars to be responsible for famines, purges and warfare resulting in deaths." The article states "classes are abolished" "oppression-free society" and policies made "democratically" without mentioning those positions are really just propaganda. [1]
  8. One of Wikipedia's barnstars—given nominally for World War II writing contributions—was in fact an American flag desecrated with Nazi and Soviet Union graffiti. However, this barnstar has since been deleted.
  9. Although the Free Republic is (correctly) not allowed as a source on Wikipedia; the Srbrenica massacre denying[11] hate site ZNet is regularly used as a source--as is the neo-Nazi blog[12] CounterPunch.
  10. The Wikipedia article "Allied war crimes during World War II" was sourced to the book Tarzan and "The Foreign Legion" September 7, 2008 through October 6, 2012.[13]
  11. Wikipedia's article on "far-left politics"[14] outright praises the dismantling of social structures and even goes on to say that the far-left promotes equality, while failing to mention the blatant anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hate speech among the far-left, its racism against whites in the form of Jeremiah Wright, the blatant racism among groups like Black Panthers. While Wikipedia's "far-right politics"[15] article accuse them of maintaining a social hierarchy and being racist and being supremacists that keep the "oppression" in check, while utterly failing to mention the black supremacist politics among the far-left. It promotes the far-left as bringing equality, while failing to mention its supremacist racism by people like NBP for example.


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