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The Far Eastern Republic was a short-lived state that existed in the Russian Far East from 6 April 1920 to 15 November 1922. Although nominally independent it was really controlled by the Russian socialist republic, and was intended mostly as a buffer zone between Russia and the territory which Japan had occupied during the Russian Civil War, as well as remaining anti-communist White forces. The recognition of the Republic by Japan ended a threat to the east of Russia from the Japanese army. Red Army units, claiming to be "The Army of the Far Eastern Republic," operated from the Republic against White forces in the east. The civil war ended on 25 October 1922 with the Republic's "Army" capturing Vladivostok, and three weeks later the Far Eastern Republic was merged with the Russian Soviet Federative Republic, becoming part of the USSR.

The first capital of the Far Eastern Republic was Verkhneudinsk; in October 1920, when pro-White Cossacks withdrew from Chita, it moved to that city and remained there until the end of the Republic.