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Fast food is the term generally used to describe low-priced, ready-cooked hot food sold in restaurants and diners or from street stalls, and often designed to be eaten with the fingers, rather than with cutlery. Globally-popular types of fast food (originating in the United States include chicken wings and fried chicken, originating in Germany include hamburgers, hot dogs, and bratwursts, and originating in Italy includes pizza and breadsticks. In Britain, fish and chips is popular, while in Belgium, fries and mayonnaise make a popular snack. While much fast food is sold by small vendors, some providers have become major international corporations: McDonald's and Burger King are among the most famous examples. Most, but not all, fast food chains are franchises.

Teenagers and college students are big consumers of unhealthy fast food, despite being more expensive than eating at home. The average college student eats eight orders of French fries each week.[1]

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