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A Federal Reserve bank is any one of the 12 operating arms of the Federal Reserve System, located throughout the United States, that together with their 25 branches carry out various functions of the U.S. central bank system.[1]

A dollar bill's printing location can be identified by the serial letter. On the one dollar bill, the serial letter is located in a black circle on the front left side.

  1. A is Boston, Massachusetts
  2. B is New York City, New York
  3. C is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. D is Cleveland, Ohio
  5. E is Richmond, Virginia
  6. F is Atlanta, Georgia
  7. G is Chicago, Illinois
  8. H is St. Louis, Missouri
  9. I is Minneapolis, Minnesota
  10. J is Kansas City, Missouri
  11. K is Dallas, Texas
  12. L is San Francisco, California [2]