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Frank Bruno is a retired English boxer. For a long time during the late 1980s and 1990s, Bruno was the United Kingdom's most high-profile heavyweight boxer, until the more successful if questionably British Lennox Lewis emerged as a contender. The highlight of Bruno's career was a brief reign as WBC world champion in 1995.

Bruno had an engaging personality and was able to capture the public's imagination outside the ring, his catchphrase 'Know what I mean, Harry?' and distinctive deep-voiced laugh entering the popular consciousness. He also had a willingness to send himself up that was at odds with his size, toughness and abilities as a fighter, so that appearances on television and notably in pantomime became a fruitful sideline to his career.

Sadly, after his retirement from boxing Bruno had some trouble with his mental health. On one occasion the Sun newspaper was forced to apologise following an outcry after it described him as 'bonkers' (British slang for 'crazy').