Freddy the Pig

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Freddy the Pig is a fictional character created by Walter R. Brooks. He is a fat, but clever pig who lives on a farm in upstate New York. He has at different times been a detective, editor, caretaker, pied piper, magician, football player, cowboy, pilot, and even an astronaut! Another distinctive feature is that whenever he is scared, his tail uncurls. He has been in 26 books, all written by Brooks. Books that include him are:

  • Freddy Goes to Florida
  • Freddy Goes to the North Pole
  • Freddy the Detective
  • The Story of Freginald
  • The Clockwork Twin
  • Freddy the Politician
  • Freddy's Cousin Weedly
  • Freddy and the Ignormus
  • Freddy and the Perilous Adventure
  • Freddy and the Bean Home News
  • Freddy and Mr. Camphor
  • Freddy and the Popinjay
  • Freddy the Pied Piper
  • Freddy the Magician
  • Freddy Goes Camping
  • Freddy Plays Football
  • Freddy the Cowboy
  • Freddy Rides Again
  • Freddy the Pilot
  • Freddy and the Space Ship
  • Freddy and the Men from Mars
  • Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars
  • Freddy and Simon the Dictator
  • Freddy and the Dragon