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PZ Myers is one of the more active bloggers at Freethoughtblogs.

Freethoughtblogs is an atheist/agnostic blogging community. Since 2012, the blogging website has been losing a significant amount of web traffic according to Quantcast which directly measures its web traffic.[1] See also: Decline of internet atheism

Freethoughtblogs and women

Despite the pro-feminism stance of Freethoughblogs, the website has significantly less women visiting their website than men according to the web traffic tracking companies Alexa and Quantcast.[2][3][4]

Thunderf00t on the impact of Freethoughtblogs on social justice

See also: Atheism and social justice

In October of 2014, the popular YouTube atheist Thunderf00t indicated that the bloggers at Freethoughtblog accidentally put him on their email list and that they spend a considerable amount of time emailing each other engaging in petty matters. In fact, he indicated that they spent more time emailing each other than engaged in actual blogging. He also questioned the impact of the bloggers of Freethoughtblogs on social justice.[5] Furthermore, he indicated that their attempt to make him a pariah within the atheist community had virtually no impact.[6]

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