French National Front

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National Front
Party leader Marine Le Pen
Parliamentary leader
Founded 1972
Political ideology Nationalism
Political position Fiscal: Protectionism (current), Free market (historically)
Social: Moderate (current), Conservative (historically)
International affiliation Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedoms
Color(s) Blue, white, red

National Front (Front National in French) is a nationalistic political party in France. Its current leader is Marine Le Pen, daughter of former leader Jean-Marie Le Pen.

The only ideological feature that maintains the party since its foundation is nationalism; their social and economic policies have varied in different periods.

Economically the party was already capitalist and socialist, currently being protectionist.

Socially, the party has been conservative and progressive, currently being moderate. Marine Le Pen, its leader, supports abortion.

Under the management of Marine Le Pen, the party became less radical nationalist, and all its Nazi, fascist and anti-Semite members were expelled.

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