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G. Gordon Liddy (born George Gordon Battle Liddy on November 30, 1930) was an FBI agent-turned-lawyer who was the mastermind behind the Watergate hotel break-in which led to a scandal toppling Richard Nixon. He was imprisoned after Watergate in 1973 following his conviction for conspiracy, burglary and illegal wiretapping.

Liddy headed a unit of "Plumbers" to fix administration leaks which had been approved by President Nixon and operated outside the government, funded by campaign donations. Liddy acted on his own in burglarizing​ the Democrat headquarters, and was arrested along with several others. There was no pending request from the White House or Campaign Committee to see if the DNC was in unauthorized possession of leaked or stolen classified government documents at the time. When Nixon learned of the illegal break-in and arrests, rather than cleaning house of anyone connected with the Plumbers, Nixon approved of paying the Plumbers legal expenses and supporting their families with campaign donations while in jail. Although some of these practices were legal and common prior to Nixon, the Watergate scandal led to several government reform measures, including FISA, Campaign finance reporting, and FOIA.

After his 1977 release, became a conservative radio host with his syndicated G. Gordon Liddy Show, starting in 1992 and continuing until 2012.

Liddy has also acted and written books. He appeared on the 1980s drama shows Airwolf, Miami Vice and MacGyver, and his autobiography Will was a New York Times best seller.[1] He also authored two works of fiction: Out of Control and The Monkey Handlers. Neither novel sold well, leading some wags to refer to the first as "Out of Print". Liddy has appeared several times as a guest panelist on Fox News Channel.