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GTAForums is an online forum that discusses all the elements of the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Threads (topics) found on the site address literally everything from technical troubleshooting, gameplay, mission completion, strategies, tips/tricks, history, release dates, news, rumors and speculation, trailer/screenshot analysis, and topics that aren't related to the game series. GTAForums and GTANet are based in the United Kingdom, where the controversial game publisher, Rockstar Games is based.

Site History

GTAForums was launched in late 2002, along with the rest of GTANet's assets. GTANet owns more than a dozen official fan sites for Grand Theft Auto games.[1]

Appeal to Children

The age limit for registration on the site is 13, well below the 18 year age limit of the games' "M For Mature" rating. Users of the site are infamous for overusing profanity and sexually suggestive dialogue. Fighting (flame wars) are a common occurrence.