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George Clinton
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4th Vice President of the United States
From: March 4, 1805 – April 20, 1812
PresidentThomas Jefferson
James Madison
PredecessorAaron Burr
SuccessorElbridge Gerry
1st & 3rd Governor of New York
From: July 1, 1801 – June 30, 1804
July 30, 1777 – June 30, 1795
PredecessorJohn Jay
SuccessorMorgan Lewis
John Jay
Party Democratic-Republican
Spouse(s) Sarah Cornelia Tappen
Religion Presbyterian
Military Service
Service/branch British Army
Continental Army
Rank Lieutenant (UK)
Brigadier General (USA)
Battles/wars French and Indian War
American Revolutionary War
For other George Clintons, see George Clinton (disambiguation).

George Clinton was the fourth Vice President of the United States, serving under James Madison, from March 4, 1813 until his death a year and a half later. He was the first Vice Presidential candidate to be under the 12th Amendment. He cast the tie breaking vote against rechartering the first Bank of the United States.[1]


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