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George Frederick Watts (London 1817 - Compton, Surrey 1904) English painter and sculptor. In his own lifetime George Frederic Watts (1817-1904), was widely considered to be the greatest painter of the Victorian Age, enjoying an unparalleled reputation. [1]

"To the discenment of truth and beauty, to the arousing of man's imagination, to the widening of the span of this celestial region, should Art be mainly dedicated, for this most truly is its mission", 1888.

One of the most singular, and enigmatic figures in Victorian art, and perhaps the hardest to pigeon-hole, or classify in any way. [2]

Watts gave a gift to the American people in 1884, his artwork, Love and Life, but it was eventually sold in 1987; at present at Tate Gallery.

Ellen Terry (Choosing), ca. 1864.

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