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George Reid
Date of birth25 February 1845
Date of death12 September 1918
WifeFlora Reid
Party(Free trade)
As Prime Minister
From18 August 1904
To5 July 1905
SucceededJohn Watson
PrecededAlfred Deakin

The Rt Hon. George Houstoun Reid was Prime Minister of Australia for about ten months in 1904, following the resignation of John Watson. Reid resigned after losing support of the Protectionist Party, and was replaced by Alfred Deakin, who had previously been Australia's second Prime Minister.

Reid initially opposed Federation for Australia, but later changed his mind and supported it.

In 1910, he became Australia's first High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. After fulfilling that role for six years, he was offered a seat in the British House of Commons, to which he was elected unopposed.


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