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Get Carter (1971) is a seminal British gangster film. Based on the novel Jack's Return Home (1970) by Ted Lewis, and directed by Mike Hodges, it tells the story of London gangster Jack Carter (played by Michael Caine) who returns to his home town to investigate and avenge the death of his brother, Frank. Initially ill-received, it has since been recognised as a classic of its genre, for its film noire style, the unrelieved bleakness and amorality of the story, and the iconic use of location shooting, in the industrial surroundings of Tyneside in north-east England. Apart from Caine, other major actors cast in the film included Ian Hendry, Britt Eckland, Brian Mosley (whose character Cliff Brumby was thrown to his death by Carter from the top of a multi-storey car park), and the playwright/actor John Osborne.

Get Carter has been remade twice: in 1972 as a 'Blaxploitation' version entitled Hit Man, and in 2000, again entitled Get Carter, in an American setting and starring Sylvester Stallone as Carter and Michael Caine as Cliff Brumby.

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