Global Warming - Refusal to Debate

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Here is a growing list of global warming promoters who refuse to debate:

"Al Gore refuses to debate those who say global warming is not a crisis."
  • Dr. James Hansen, a NASA climatologist and key global warming advocate:[2]
"For this fall," Mr. Katz wrote in his e-mail to Mr. Hansen, "we are hoping to host a debate on global climate change and its implications. Patrick Michaels has agreed to come, and my organization would like you to come and debate Dr. Michaels in Williamsburg. The date is very flexible, and we can tailor the day of the debate completely to your schedule. We will be able to pay for your travel expenses and offer you an honorarium for your time. Please let me know if you would be interested."
Mr. Hansen's response was, simply, "not interested." His reply -- devoid of any salutation, punctuation, capitalization or signature -- came an hour after Mr. Katz sent his original e-mail.