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"Godless Conservative" refers to faux conservatives who are atheists/agnostics, or who believe in purging spirituality and all references to God from public life. Prominent examples include Jennifer Rubin and Heather Mac Donald.

The radical and errant secular religions of atheism/agnosticism are not traditional/conservative religions (see: Atheism is a religion). In addition, so-called "godless conservatives" commonly reject social conservatism.

List of atheists who claim to be conservative

  • Jennifer Rubin, columnist and blogger
  • Heather Mac Donald, commentator and journalist
  • Charles C. W. Cooke, writer for National Review
  • George Will, columnist and commentator
  • Charles Krauthammer, columnist and commentator
  • Walter K. Olson, tort reform advocate and author
  • James Taranto, journalist and columnist
  • Allahpundit, blogger
  • S.E. Cupp, commentator
  • Amy Holmes, commentator
  • Niall Ferguson, historian and columnist
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