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Gosforth is a residential suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne in north-east England, and was incorporated into that city in 1974. It is the location of Newcastle Racecourse, at Gosforth Park, and is the home of Gregg's the Bakers, a UK-wide bakery and hot snack manufacturer and retailer, and of the accountancy software company Sage. The main depot and control centre for the Tyne and Wear Metro system are both located in Gosforth.

The name Gosforth means 'Goose ford' (or possibly derives from 'Ouse ford', after the Ouseburn which flows through it).

Gosforth, Cumbria

Gosforth is also the name of a sizeable village in west Cumbria, England, not far from the Sellafield nuclear power station. This Gosforth was the subject of a notable sociological survey published as Sociology of an English Village: Gosforth by William Morgan Williams in 1964.