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The Governor of California is an elected official who is the chief executive of the State of California. As chief executive, he and his designates have direct responsibility over the day to day affairs of the State. The purpose of the Governor is best summed up by the California Constitution which says, "The supreme executive power of this State is vested in the Governor. The Governor shall see that the law is faithfully executed." [1] The current Governor is Jerry Brown who succeeded Arnold Schwarzenegger.

List of Governors

GovernorTook OfficeLeft OfficeGovernorTook OfficeLeft OfficeGovernorTook OfficeLeft Office
Peter Burnett18491851George Perkins18801883James Rolph19311934
John McDougall18511852George Stoneman18831887Frank Merriam19341939
John Bigler18521856Washington Bartlett18871887Culbert Olson19391943
J. Neely Johnson18561858Robert Waterman18871891Earl Warren19431953
John Weller18581860Henry Markham18911895Goodwin Knight19531959
Milton Latham18601860James Budd18951899Pat Brown19591967
John Downey18601862Henry Gage18991903Ronald Reagan19671975
Leland Stanford18621863George Pardee19031907Jerry Brown19751983
Frederick Low18631867James Gillett19071911George Deukmejian19831991
Henry Haight18671871Hiram Johnson19111917Pete Wilson19911999
Newton Booth18711875William Stephens19171923Gray Davis19992003
Romualdo Pacheco18751875Friend Richardson19231927Arnold Schwarzenegger20032011
William Irwin18751880Clement Young19271931Jerry BrownCurrent


  1. California Constitution: Article V, Section 1
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