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A list of the governors of the state of Idaho.[1][2]


Territorial Governors of Idaho

Name Years
William Henson Wallace 1863-1864
Caleb Lyon 1864-1866
David W. Ballard 1866-1870
Thomas M. Bowen 1871
Thomas W. Bennett 1871-1875
David P. Thompson 1875-1876
Mason Brayman 1876-1878
John Baldwin Neil 1880-1883
John N. Irwin 1883-1884
William M. Bunn 1884-1885
Edward A. Stevenson 1885-1889
George L. Shoup 1889-1890

State Governors of Idaho

Name Party Years
George L. Shoup Republican 1890
N. B. Willey Republican 1890-1893
William J. McConnell Republican 1893-1897
Frank Steunenberg Populist Democrat 1897-1901
Frank W. Hunt Democrat 1901-1903
John T. Morrison Republican 1903-1905
Frank R. Gooding Republican 1905-1909
James H. Brady Republican 1909-1911
James H. Hawley Democrat 1911-1913
John M. Haines Republican 1913-1915
Moses Alexander Democrat 1915-1919
D. W. Davis Republican 1919-1923
Charles C. Moore Republican 1923-1927
H. C. Baldridge Republican 1927-1931
C. Ben Ross Democrat 1931-1937
Barzilla J. Clark Democrat 1937-1939
C. A. Bottolfsen Republican 1939-1941, 1943-1945
Chase A. Clark Democrat 1941-1943
Chas. C. Gossett Democrat 1945
Arnold Williams Democrat 1945-1947
C. A. Robins Republican 1947-1951
Len B. Jordan Republican 1951-1955
Robert E. Smylie Republican 1955-1967
Don Samuelson Republican 1967-1971
Cecil D. Andrus Democrat 1971-1977, 1987-1995
John V. Evans Democrat 1977-1987
Philip E. Batt Republican 1995-1999
Dirk Kempthorne Republican 1999-2006
James E. Risch Republican 2006-2007
C. L. "Butch" Otter Republican 2007-present

Further reading

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