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The Holman Christian Standard Bible is the most modern English translation of the Bible, and the first to take advantage of computer technology.

The Southern Baptist Convention reportedly provided $10 million in funding for this new translation, to "safeguard the Scriptures from trends toward cultural pluralism, political correctness and drifting theology."[1] Critics considered this project to be a "preemptive strike against a competitor," the "'inclusive' recasting of the NIV called Today's New International Version," which "was savaged by conservative Southern Baptists and other sticklers on this issue but endorsed by prominent evangelicals."[1]

While the Holman has been criticized as a modern conservative translation of the Southern Baptist Convention, it has several liberal twists:

  • Its translation of Matthew 9:18 describes the child about to be raised from the dead by Jesus as merely being "near death" rather than deceased. This is in disagreement with other major translations.[2]
  • Its translation of Luke 16:23 replaces "hell" in the NIV translation with Hades: "And being in torment in Hades, he looked up and saw Abraham a long way off, with Lazarus at his side."
  • It uses the term "miracle", which could be considered to be a slightly pejorative term for a "sign" or marvelous work by God.[3]

The Holman Christian Standard Bible is the primary new translation of the 21st century.[4]


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