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Heath Thompson is a Republican political consultant who leads the Dallas-based firm, Scot Howell & Company. Thompson directed then-Governor George W. Bush’s 11-point 2000 Republican Primary victory in the South Carolina[1]. In 2002, he worked as a consultant to Norm Coleman’s United States Senate victory.

Thompson joined the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign in 2004, when he served as regional political director, being actively involved in Florida and Missouri[2]. Heath political advising career began in the 1990’s when he worked in South Carolina’s local political races.

Thompson’s firm created a controversial ad in the 2006 Tennessee's U.S. Senate race against Democrat contender Harold Ford.The NAACP criticized the commercial calling it racist[3]. In August 2007, Republican presidential primary contender, Rudy Giuliani, hired Thompson onto his new team of media consultants[4].

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