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Permission to upload images

Image uploads are granted only to established users. If you need to add an image to an article, please ask a sysop to contact a bureaucrat - or ask Mr. Schlafly directly.

Please follow these instructions to upload an image

1. Go the the "Main Page"

2. Click "Upload File" in the lower-left corner of the page

3. Click "Browse"

4. Locate the file you want to upload, select it, and click "Open". We'll pretend we selected "Alexander.jpg"

5. Edit the "Destination filename" field with a name that describes the file (one word only) and leave the .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif ending. Please use underscores in-between multiple words. For example, in my example upload, "Alexander.jpg", I would edit it to read "Alexander_the_Great.jpg

6. Fill out summary with a brief explanation of the file (this is not required)

7. Click "Upload File"

To place this image in a term follow these steps

1. Go to the page of the term you want to add an image to

2. Click "Edit this page"

3. Move the cursor to the location in the document that you want the image to appear.

4. Add a link to "Image:ImageName.jpg|thumb|200px|Interesting Caption", where "ImageName.jpg" is the file name of the picture you uploaded and "Interesting Caption" is a good description of the image. To see an example of the way this new format looks go to The image of the Caravel on the right was done using this format. If you click the image it brings you to the full-size image page.


4. Click the "Embedded image" button on the top of this screen

5. Change "Example.jpg" to read whatever your uploaded file was named. In my "Alexander_the_Great.jpg" for example, I would change "Example.jpg" to read Alexander_the_Great.jpg


6. Click "Save Page"