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Conservapedia welcomes debate, but there is a place for it and many places not for it.

Frequently when collaborating on an article, writers will realize that they have different ideas which are incompatible. This may stem from having different worldviews, or may simply be the result of being familiar with different aspects of the topic. If a dispute arises about how best to work together, the article's talk page is the best place for a discussion like this.

But if writers have opposing agendas, then this is not a matter for an article talk page. It does not help the project to use an article as a proxy battleground for a larger battle.

Now, there's nothing wrong with having a dispute, and it is often helpful to work on an article about a topic merely to discover that ideological differences exist. But once these differences have come to light, it's time to shift the venue.

The Conservapedia:Debate Topics are custom made for this sort of thing. Find one which is germane to the issue at hand and join it. Or start a new one of your own. But don't keep bringing it up in article namespace.