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Henri Matisse (Le Cateau-Cambresis 1869 - Nice 1954) French Fauvist painter and sculptor.

Matisse made copies of many paintings in the Louvre to learn painting. He was more than just a Fauvist. He also experiment with other techniques like Cubism and Pointillism. In his old age, he worked with painted paper and scissors, making collages.

The Window, 1916.

“In a letter Matisse described this picture: "Through the window of the drawing room one sees the green of the garden and a black tree trunk, a basket of forget-me-nots on the table, a garden chair and a rug." - [1] Estimated value of this painting: $60 million.

Henri Matisse wrote Notes d´un peintre in 1908.

Petite Gallery

Open Window

Open Window

At MOMA and the Hermitage

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