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Herpangina is a viral throat infection caused by the Coxsackie virus. The virus is an enterovirus. Herpangina can be spread by saliva and mouth-on-mouth contact as well as contact with an infected someone's stools. Infection usually occurs three to six days after exposure. Herpangina cases are more common in the summer.


People who contract Herpangina typically develop a fever and a sore throat and mouth. The throat becomes very red at the back and the back roof of the mouth, with several small blisters which resemble canker sores. They will hurt if you try to drink anything salty, spicy, or acidic. Milk or Soy Milk will usually take away the pain. More severe infections will result in more sores in the mouth, along the inside of the lips and on the inside of the cheeks, as well as down into the throat. There may also be blisters around the outside of the mouth, eventually spreading to the palms and the soles of the feet. Herpangina is sometimes known as the hand, foot, and mouth disease.