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Many Christians grow up feeling isolated and different, because their constant exposure to Hollywood movies has convinced them that few of their peers share their values. In fact, the opposite is true: few Americans actually subscribe to Hollywood values.

While moral myths are perhaps the most pervasive and most hurtful to Christian teenagers, there are other myths perpetuated by Hollywood stereotypes - see, for example, the computer hackers example.

Note this page lists general myths perpetrated by the film industry, not specific falsehoods, which can be found here.

Major myths include:

  • That promiscuity is common among American teenagers. In fact, more than half of all graduating high school seniors have saved themselves for marriage.[1]
  • That drug use is common and acceptable behavior. Drug use, including marijuana, which is glorified by many comedy films, is not common or harmless.
  • That many drug users use only marijuana. In fact, most habitual users of marijuana will proceed to use harder drugs.
  • That organized crime is glamorous, or that they only deal in drugs, gambling, and prostitution. In fact, every American is hurt by organized crime, because they take a criminal profit on so many common commodities which come off boats.
  • That intelligent design proponents are stupid or crackpots. In fact, intelligent design is a legitimate scientific theory with growing support in the biologist community.
  • That most intelligent people believe in evolution. In fact, the majority of Americans either do not believe in evolution or believe it was a God guided process.
  • That computer hackers are mostly teenagers playing harmless pranks from their parents basements. In fact, most computer hackers are identity thieves associated with organized crime, and cost Americans billions of dollars a year.
  • Onscreen use of cigarettes gives an actor or actress a 'cool' persona. It leads to teenagers imitating their heroes, creating a lifetime of related health issues including an early death.
  • It's normal for sexual relations between couples who are not married. It may be common but it's not normal and can lead to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies.

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