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What is your view of antitrust laws – necessary, or something that makes a problem worse?

Antitrust laws are not an extreme necessity. However government does conduct the economy and since the Antitrust laws are reasonably effective I appreciate them.

Not sure what the first sentence in your answer means. (Minus 1). Also, I wouldn't agree that the government "does conduct the economy." I would agree that some antitrust laws are reasonably effective.

Imperialism by a charitable Christian people: a good or bad thing?

If you applied Christian virtues and morals as the fundamental characteristics towards your expansion I could agree that, that would be better than a brutal dictator takeover. However charitable Christians are not interested in imperialism. Accordingly, I definitely do not think it would be a bad thing although it is very improbably to happen.

Not sure what you're saying here. (Minus 1). It's better to advocate for a specific position rather than try to argue both sides of an issue.

Your thoughts on the progressive movement, please.

The Progressive Movement has its ups and downs. It depends entirely on who’s leading and fueling the movement within each party. In reality anyone who is not content with the current government and desires a "Better government" is a progressive.

Very interesting analysis.

What would be and example today of "yellow journalism"?

Most of the issues in the Middle East were greatly influenced by Yellow Journalism. As well as the headlines you see on popular websites. They take a truth and stretch it as far as it will go. A recent example where Yellow Journalism was used was with the Japanese Nuclear Crisis.


Who was the "Conservative Democrate"? Discuss.

Grover Cleveland the conservative democrat. The republicans called Mugwumps were sick of corruption in the Republican Party. They saw Cleveland as an opportunity to escape the crookedness and took it. After the election Grover Cleveland reassured everyone by holding fast to his word and upright character. Despite having been a democrat Cleveland is considered the most conservative president since James Monroe.

Terrific answer, may use as a model answer.

Select two of the social movements of the late 1800s and discuss.


The ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment was an extreme success not only for the nation but as an encouragement and assurance to women everywhere. Prohibition was led practically by women and their success proved to the world how women can be quite persistent and accomplish amazing feats. Unfortunately it also gave the Black Market new merchandise.


The Chataugua Movement influenced millions of Americans. Speakers imparted knowledge of prohibition, women’s suffrage and the idea of child labor laws into everyone they entertained. Sadly the preachers, musicians and speakers that formed the movement faded away, due to modern electronics like the radio and television.

Excellent answer, may use as a model answer.

Honors Questions

Write about any issue you like relating to 1880-1920.

William Booth and his wife Catherine began the Salvation Army in 1865. It was in 1900 during hurricane Galveston and the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 that the Salvation Army showed honorable colors in America. Later in World War 1 and numerous other disasters as well. Today the Salvation Army continues to be first to arrive at catastrophes around the world and is one of the largest non-governmental emergency relief organizations in the world.

Superb answer.

Explain your views of unions, then and now."

Unions are incredibly powerful in numerous aspects. Unfortunately a union is a double edged sword. In the late 1800s morality itself was at an entirely different level. They formed unions to receive certain rights and privileges that were nothing less than decency. However corruptive minds have now taken control of many unions, perhaps it was preeminent.

Excellent analysis, but the last sentence is unclear.

What is your view of John D. Rockefeller?

John D. Rockefeller was a very interesting man. He started at the bottom and worked himself to the summit of worldly success. Like every other man he had his faults and defects. However his persistent devotion and slyness as a business man along with basic morality traits are what established his title of world’s richest man.


Kyle M.

88/90, with some terrific answers.--Andy Schlafly 15:53, 17 April 2011 (EDT)
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