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2. The first and most commonly stated reason is the French and Indian war. It helped cause the revolution because it encouraged Indian attacks and hurt the English economy. The second reason is the way England exercised control over the colonies. The French and Indian war had shown the military power of the colonies and England wanted to slow down the colonies' growth but the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment had made that impossible to do.

Interesting point about the Enlightenment, but I'm not sure how much of a role it really played. It is emphasized by historians who want to downplay the significance of Christianity. Excellent answer overall.

3. Vermont was not a state until 1791.in the opening days of the revolution Ethan Allen led a small band of men to take Fort Ticonderoga. They burnt the fort and used the fort's cannons to drive the British out of Boston.

Terrific, and may use as a model answer.

4. The “Tea Party” gets its name from the Boston Tea Party. They have little to do with each other because the original Tea Party was about government monopolies while the new tea party is about taxes.

Superb insight. You may well be right about this, despite the popular perception of a similarity.

5. As the Great Awakening spread without regard to borders it made the colonist realize that they had things in common and it promoted religious freedom.

Superb, but mention a bit more detail (such as the time period). (Minus 1)

6. The French and Indian war was aptly named despite the fact that the British won. The war decided once and for all that Americans would speak English. It also strengthened the British hold on North America.

Excellent answer.

7. The two most inflammatory laws that the British passed were Tea Act and the Coercive Act. The Tea Act gave the East India Company a monopoly on tea. The Coercive Act shut down Boston harbor and installed a military governor.

Superb answer again. Good choice of the two most important laws.

H1. In order for political cartoons to be effective one needs to be up on current events. As most people at the time were well informed of the state of affairs the political cartoon was effective in uniting the colonist. The cartoon was drawn to unite the colonist during the French and Indian war but its greatest effect was in the American Revolution.

Fantastic, may use as a model answer.

H4. One of the two similarities is the assumption of human rights. The second one is the free market economy. The most striking difference was land ownership. In England it was rare for someone to own land but in America it was easy to own land. Another difference was work ethic as the working class British had lost the ability to better themselves.

Terrific analysis which I had not heard before. Could use this as a model answer.

H5. George Washington was great but he is considered great for the wrong reasons. The current picture of George Washington is a great general and president. In reality he was one of the worst generals in American history. His few victories were a result of his quartermasters’ ability to move men and supplies. The thing that makes him truly great is his leadership and his ability to judge men.

Yes, you're the first to observe that Washington was not really a great general. But his leadership was unparalleled in all of world history. Good point about his ability to judge men too.


Grade: 89/90. Several of your answers are truly outstanding. Very well done!--Andy Schlafly 16:20, 20 February 2011 (EST)