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Howard Cosell (1918 - 1995) was a well known sports announcer peaking in the 1970s with his distinctive voice and delivery style. He was specially well known for his announcing role in boxing and football. He left boxing in 1982 after the Larry Holmes vs. Randall Tex Cobb match over the way Holmes was mauling Cobb, but the fight was allowed to continue for the full 15 rounds. In an interesting note, Cobb was proud that his one claim to fame was that he got Cosell to leave. Cosell also left Monday Night Football before the start of the 1984 season.

After his departure from boxing and football, Cosell penned the acidic book I Never Played the Game where he basically attacked the ex-pro athletes he had worked with in the broadcast booth as being undeserving of working with him. That book saw to his removal from helping to broadcast the baseball World Series.