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Dr. Hugh Ross is an astronomer who is President and founder of the ministry Reasons to Believe.[1] He is an Old Earth Creationist.

World-renowned Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig describes Dr. Ross in the following way: "Hugh Ross is evangelicalism’s most important scientific apologist." Dr. Craig goes on to state "[Ross] has vigorously defended scientifically the cosmological and teleological arguments for a Creator and Designer of the universe and has championed progressive creationism over against naturalistic accounts of biological evolution on the one hand and so-called “young earth” creationism on the other."[2]

Ross is the author of many books, including Why the Universe is the Way it is, Creation as Science and The Creator and the Cosmos.

Ross does not believe in the global flood of Noah's day, as in 2 Peter 3:6, "Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:". He squirmed out of the problem by saying it was a "universal", not "global" flood, meaning that it "flooded Noah's little universe". This position is unscriptural and does not agree with geology.[3]

Ross, like other Christian who have compromised by adopting unbiblical philosophies, is ignorant about the global flood, believes uniformitarianism, and considers the Starlight Problem a problem for the Young Earth model.



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