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Ian Douglas Smith was born April 8, 1919 in the town of Selukwe, Southern Rhodesia. In 1964 Smith became Prime Minister of Rhodesia. Ian Smith died peacefully in Cape Town, South Africa on November 20, 2007, at the age of 88.

Early life

Ian Smith completed his early education in Gwelo and continued on to the Rhodes University in South Africa to study for a degree in commerce. When Wold War II broke out in Europe, Smith put aside his studies, and immediately volunteered for with the British Royal Air Force to fight against the evils of Nazism. In the RAF Smith served with No. 237 (Rhodesia) Squadron.

Smith was the co-founder of the party "Rhodesian Front" which spoke out for independence of Rhodesia from the United Kingdom. In 1969 the constitution of Rhodesia was proclaimed and in 1970 it became an official state, that was ruled by Smith until 1979. In his tenure he fought the Marxist opposition party "Zimbabwe African National Union", that was led by Robert Mugabe, who created a Communist dictatorship, that discriminates white people and homosexuals after Smith´s resignation.