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Internet Infidels, owns and operates the website the Secular Web. Internet Infidels, Inc. is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 A.D. by Jeffery Jay Lowder and Brett Lemoine. The Secular Web is a website which promotes atheism, agnosticism, and skepticism on the internet. Its stated aim is to promote Metaphysical Naturalism.[1]

Christian apologist JP Holding has written concerning the Secular Web: "The Secular Web has a few intelligent people, but overall has long been a haven for every skeptical know-it-all to pronounce judgments upon matters outside of their expertise."[2] In addition, Holding has indicated that the quality of internet content produced by the Secular Web has gone down since the 1990s.[3] The decline in the quality of material at Internet Infidels has been concurrent with the rise of theists in academia within philosophy departments (see: Atheism and academia and Stagnation of atheist apologetics).

Internet Infidels: Secular Web's significant drop in web traffic

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According to the web traffic tracking company Quantcast, the Secular Web lost a significant amount of web traffic from the period of 6/2/07 to 7/30/11.[4] On July 31, 2016, Alexa indicated that Internet Infidels website is losing global market share.[5] See also: Growth of global desecularization

On July 31, 2016, the web traffic tracking company Alexa indicated that the Internet Infidels website has a global ranking of 241,738 which is quite low.
For much of 2016, the Secular Web was at a low point in terms of its Alexa ranking. In the latter part of 2016, it saw a rise in its Alexa ranking, but it did not rise to its earlier higher 2015 Alexa ranking.

Dissension at Internet Infidels forum. Forum discontinued

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JP Holding, Internet Infidels and rebuttals

Although JP Holding has written rebuttals of the prominent members of the skeptical community such as David Hume,[6] Friedrich Nietzsche[7] and G.A. Wells,[8][9] Holding has also written rebuttals of lesser-known members of the secular community who publish and/or are featured on the Secular Web such as:

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