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JAARS (formerly known as the Jungle Aviation and Radio Service), are a nonprofit organization providing technical services assisting in Bible translation. JAARS is headquartered in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

JAARS serves Wycliffe Bible Translators and other Christian organizations worldwide by providing transportation by air, land or sea as well as through computing and information technology and other technical services.

William Cameron Townsend co-founded Wycliffe in 1934, and as the organization grew, he saw the need for airplanes and radio to reach remote areas around the world, to provide safe access to language groups. JAARS was originally formed in Peru in 1948 and moved to North Carolina in 1961. David Reeves became the president of JAARS in October 2008.

The primary mission of JAARS is to serve Bible translators working with Wycliffe and SIL International in their efforts to translate parts of the Bible into the 2,393 language groups (200 million people) worldwide that have no part of the Scriptures in their language.

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