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Jacob Broom (b. October 17, 1752; d. April 25, 1810) was a businessman and politican from the state of Delaware. He was also a delegate to the United States Constitutional Convention.

Early Life

Broom was born on October 17, 1752 at Wilmington, Delaware. His father, James Broom, was a blacksmith and farmer. Broom was homeschooled; as he grew older, he studied surveying--a skill that would eventually allow him to prepare maps for General George Washington prior to the Battle of Brandywine. [1] He eventually turned his hand to a variety of mercantile trades, including shipping and imports. In 1776, Broom became the assistant burgess of Wilmington. [2]

Constitutional Convention

Broom was appointed a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, and never missed a session. Though he spoke very little at the convention, he may have helped keep the members in session until their work was completed. [3]


Broom died on April 25, 1810 while in Philadelphia on business and was buried there at Christ Church Burial Ground.


  • Was appointed to the Annapolis Convention, but did not attend.
  • Father of Congressman James Broom and grandfather of Congressman Jacob Broom.


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