James Byrnes

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James Byrnes
James Francis Byrnes, at his desk, 1943.jpg
Former Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
From: July 8, 1941 – October 3, 1942
NominatorFranklin Roosevelt
PredecessorJames McReynolds
SuccessorWiley Blount Rutledge
104th Governor of South Carolina
From: January 16, 1951 – January 18, 1955
PredecessorStrom Thurmond
SuccessorGeorge Bell Timmerman, Jr.
49th United States Secretary of State
From: July 3, 1945 – January 21, 1947
PresidentHarry Truman
PredecessorEdward Stettinius, Jr.
SuccessorGeorge Marshall
Former U.S. Senator from South Carolina
From: April 5, 1931 – July 8, 1941
PredecessorColeman L. Blease
SuccessorAlva M. Lumpkin
Former U.S. Representative from South Carolina's 2nd District
From: March 4, 1911 – March 4, 1925
PredecessorJames O'H. Patterson
SuccessorButler Hare
Party Democrat
Later, Republican
Spouse(s) Maude Perkins Busch
Religion Episcopalian

James Byrnes was a politician from South Carolina. During his career he served at every branch of the federal government - the executive branch (as Secretary of State), the legislative branch (in both houses of Congress) and the judicial branch as a Supreme Court Associate Justice.

Brynes was a confidant of Franklin Roosevelt; he resigned from the Court which Roosevelt appointed him to in order to run for governor on a states-rights campaign.[1]


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