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Jean-Claude Juncker (born December 9, 1954) was prime minister of Luxembourg from 1995 to 2013. He was a member of the Christian Social People's Party, the largest political party in the country. A strong supporter of the European Union, Juncker was elected president of the European Commission in July 2014 and assumed that office in November 2014.

Juncker was succeeded as prime minister by Xavier Bettel.

In March 2017, Juncker indicated he would support the independence of U.S. states, in revenge of U.S. President Donald Trump's support for Brexit—something which showed either Juncker's ignorance of the difference between the EU and the U.S., or his support for a "United States of Europe."[1] Nigel Farage called Juncker a "complete and total idiot" for those comments and that they cost him and the EU "whatever credibility it had in the USA."[2]


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