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Jeppe Aakjær (Sept. 10 1866 - April 22, 1930) was a pioneer in Danish literature who wrote regarding social consciousness.[1]

Life and works

Aakjær was raised in an agricultural region of harsh conditions. As a young man, he became a proofreader and journalist in Copenhagen. His most moving work, a 1904 novel entitled Vredens børn, et tyendes saga or Children of Wrath: A Hired Man's Saga, pled for the improvement of a farm laborer's lot in his description of the raising of a boy called Pers and the taboo diseases and language of farmers.[2]

His poetry books, Fri felt (Free Fields) and Rugens sange (Songs of the Rye) are more popular in present Denmark though few are translated into English. Composer Carl Nielsen has put one, "Jens Vejmand" to music.


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