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Jim Wallis (born June 4, 1948) is an Evangelical Christian writer, and the editor of Sojourners Magazine. Wallis is also known for his criticism of the fiscal and foreign policies advocated by the religious right.

Wallis became active in the civil rights movement as a young man in the 1960s. He graduated from Michigan State University, and then attended Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois where he joined with other young seminarians in establishing the community that eventually became Sojourners.

His books include:

  • God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It (2005)
  • Faith Works: How Faith Based Organizations Are Changing Lives, Neighborhoods, and America (2000)
  • The Soul of Politics: Beyond "Religious Right" and "Secular Left" (1995).

Reverend Wallis is also the convener of Call to Renewal, an interfaith effort to end poverty.

In discussing the 2004 American presidential elections, Wallis said "Jesus didn’t speak at all about homosexuality. There are about 12 verses in the Bible that touch on that question ... [t]here are thousands of verses on poverty. I don’t hear a lot of that conversation." (Mother Jones Magazine, March 10, 2005)

Wallis, along with fellow Evangelical Christian Tony Campolo, is a founder of the Red-letter Christian movement.

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