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Joseph Manchin
U.S. Senator from West Virginia
From: November 15, 2010-Present
PredecessorCarte Goodwin
SuccessorIncumbent (no successor)
34th Governor of West Virginia
From: January 17, 2005 – November 15, 2010
PredecessorBob Wise
SuccessorEarl Ray Tomblin
27th West Virginia Secretary of State
From: January 15, 2001 – January 17, 2005
GovernorBob Wise
PredecessorKen Hechler
SuccessorBetty Ireland
Party Democrat
Spouse(s) Gayle Conelly
Religion Roman Catholic

Joseph Manchin was elected in November 2010 as the United States Senator from West Virginia, filling the seat formerly held by the late Robert Byrd. Because Manchin was filling a vacant seat in a special election, he was sworn in almost immediately and then participated in the lame duck session of Congress prior to 2011.

Manchin portrayed himself as a conservative in order to be elected, campaigning against the positions of the Democratic Party leadership on:

Manchin was previously the Governor of West Virginia.

He abandoned his pro-gun views in 2013 when he co-wrote the Manchin-Toomey gun-grab bill, showing his true colors as an anti-gun liberal.

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