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John Sterling is an American sports broadcaster and play-by-play announcer for Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees, a job he has held since 1989. Sterling is known for his style of original phases and overly dramatic approach to announcing. Two of his most well-recognized phases include his home run call, “It is high ... it is far ... it is gone!”, and the phase he states after every Yankee victory, “THHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEE Yankees win”[1].

Sterling joined the Yankees Radio Network in 1989 after working at two radio station in Atlanta, where he announced basketball games for the Hawks (1981-89) and Major League Baseball games for the Atlanta Braves (1982-87). After hosting a talk show, he served as a fill-in announcer for the New Jersey Nets, a professional basketball team[2].

Sterling has won numerous awards including two Emmy Awards for his work on the television series Yankeeography. In 1999 he won the New Jersey Sportswriters Association's Radio-TV Excellence award[2].


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