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José de Ibarra (Guadalajara 1688 - México 1756) was a Mexican Baroque painter. He was pupil of Juan Correa and also had the influence of Cristóbal de Villalpando and Juan Rodríguez Juárez.

Ibarra was specially famous for the richness of his color, for which he has been called the Murillo of Mexico. His paintings still preserve their brilliancy of color, his specialty being the execution of religious subjects, which are noted for correctness of design and perspective [1] Ibarra was believed to have been a pupil of the Rodriguez Juárez artists, basing his Baroque style on that of Juan. It is often hard to distinguish his work from that of Juan Rodriguez Juárez and Miguel Cabrera, his biggest competitor for commissions. [2]

"Calvary" is considered his best work.

Virgen del apocalipsis, s. XVIII.

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